Reasonable functions for reasonable price. Ultimate basic model. This EVC-S utilizes the solenoid valve. It works for both internal and external wastegate types.

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Reasonable functions for reasonable price. Ultimate basic model. This EVC-S utilizes the solenoid valve. It works for both internal and external wastegate types. Junction connection system that connects the display unit, solenoid valve, and boost sensor to the control unit is utilized for simple installation. Appearance of the display unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts.

Display Easier installation by separate setup Separated units are connected to the center control unit. Thin display unit enables free layout. Unified design for whole HKS electronics products.

Each unit is compact and easy to install in the engine bay and the interior. Since the Boost Sensor is independent, hose routing does not need to run into the vehicles interior. Return Function The boost setting returns to the factory setting when the power is turned off. On some vehicles, the boost value may be lower than the boost before installing the EVC-S. Warning Function If the boost level exceeds the warning value, the unit will warn the user will an audible buzzer and visually on the display.

The boost value will be lowered to the set value. This function protects the engine and turbocharger from excessive boost. After Image Display Function When the boost changes from positive pressure to negative pressure, the maximum boost under positive pressure can be displayed for 3 seconds.

This function can be turned off. Data Memory Function Each setting value is saved in the internal memory; the saved values are retrievable even after the ignition is shut-off or the battery is disconnected. Data Lock Function The setting data can be protected by a password to prevent unwanted or accidental changes.


HKS: Accessories: EVC - Electronic Valve Controller

The EVC 3 came out in a Pro edition. It features negative yellow backlight, where the backlight is black, and the foreground is yellow. Also has 3 bar solenoid, speed-throttle duty tables. And somehow it works via powerwriter software. Stepping motors are used because they can handle higher boost levels and are quicker to react to various conditions, thus offering quicker boost response and higher stable boost levels throughout each gear. The HKS EVC V can correct the signal to the wastegate several times each second, thus allowing a more rapid boost rise without overboosting. A built-in "Fuzzy Logic" program will learn the base boost curve and optimizes it for maximum response and stable boost.


HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller - A New Era In Boost Controllers

At the time, Yatabe was known as the longest and only track for measuring top speed. While attempting to set a new domestic top speed record, HKS engineers found boost stability under high engine load and high speed a major concern. The EVC continued to evolve throughout the years with the release of the newest and most current sixth-generation model by incorporating additional features into the all-new EVC 6. It still allows users to set a desired target boost setting, a selectable kPa or psi unit of measure, and a unique warning feature, where if over-boosting occurs, boost pressure can be programmed to drop to a user preset level. In addition, the EVC features additional improvement from the previous models including, LCD color monitor, smaller physical stepper motor, faster processor, and third boost setting.



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