Monday, July 24, - am TED. Surrounding her are an ecosystem of organizations and resources she inspired, including Biomimicry 3. Along the way, Benyus has garnered two honorary doctorates and a clutch of prestigious awards and honors. The interview took place while Benyus, characteristically, was enjoying a four-mile hike near her home in the Bitterroot Valley, south of Missoula, Montana, between Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. I was in my office in Oakland, California.

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No solutions match this entry. Her favorite role is Biologist-at-the-Design-Table, introducing innovators to 3. In , Janine co-founded a non-profit institute to embed biomimicry in formal education and informal spaces such as museums and nature centers.

In , the institute launched AskNature. In , Janine and her team combined the for-profit and non-profit arms into a single B-Corp called Biomimicry 3. Working as a social enterprise, Biomimicry 3.

Its mission is to inspire, educate, and connect the growing community of biomimicry practitioners around the world. Biomimicry 3. Nurturing and growing this network is the true calling of Biomimicry 3. Over the past 14 years, Janine has personally introduced millions to the meme of biomimicry through two TED talks, hundreds of conference keynotes, and a dozen documentaries such as 11th Hour, Harmony, and The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, which aired in 71 countries.

This is why she writes, speaks, and revels in describing the wild teachers in our midst. Join Us Register to receive our email newsletter.


Biomimicry @ 20: A conversation with Janine Benyus

By EarthSky. Her company, The Biomimicry Group, encourages biologists at the design table to ask: how would nature design this? She says our human society will create a more sustainable world in part by emulating the natural organisms all around us, which have already gone through billions of years of trial and error to find elegant and amazing solutions to process and design problems. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. Biomimicry has been going on for a long time. Think about the Wright brothers looking at turkey vultures to learn about drag and lift in flight. Now biomimicry is becoming one of the ways that engineers, product designers, and architects do their work.


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Nature curbs excesses from within Nature taps the power of limits [2] Since the publication of Biomimicry, Janine Benyus has led several consulting and educational initiatives to promote innovation inspired by nature. In , she and Dr. Biomimicry 3. Or you can imitate the frayed edges that grant the owl its silent flight. Copying feather design is just the beginning, because it may or may not yield something sustainable.


Janine Benyus

And that is that we live in a competent universe, that we are part of a brilliant planet, and that we are surrounded by genius. Biomimicry is a new discipline that tries to learn from those geniuses, and take advice from them, design advice. I cannot help but remember the organisms and the ecosystems that know how to live here gracefully on this planet. This is what I would tell you to remember if you ever forget this again. Remember this. This is what happens every year.

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