Email or Phone Password Forgot account? TV Shows from my childhood. Mulheres de areia sand women was a Brazilian soap opera that tells the story of the teh sister Rute and Raquel. The latter, who, as a libidinous and unscrupulous man, looked upon the slaves as a seraglio at his disposal, cast yhe eyes, burning with lust upon the gentle maid.

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Story[ edit ] This melodrama focuses on the conflict between the beautiful light-skinned slave woman Isaura Bianca Rinaldi, originally, Lucelia Santos and her cruel, lecherous master Leoncio Leopold Pacheco in Brazil. The heroine is the year-old daughter of a white father and a mulatto mother. She was born and raised on the coffee plantation of Commander Almeida Rubens de Falco in the village of Goitacaces.

Her father, a free laborer, repeatedly begs for her freedom and makes offer after offer to buy her from the commander. Despite promises to set her free one day, every offer is rejected. When commander realizes his fault, it is too late. Nevertheless, he develops a dangerous fixation with Isaura and determines to make her his mistress. The sweet young woman winds up at the mercy of an obsessed, depraved man, fighting to maintain her dignity and integrity.

As Isaura desperately struggles to keep her dreams alive, she discovers true love for the first time. It temporarily aired for two hours per night from 9 to 11 p. That was a 16 percent increase over the year before, when Decisiones aired during that hour, according to Nielsen Media Research.


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My goodness! Where are the impressions now? Being showed on public television no other existed once a week, the series constituted the oasis of freshness in the desert of Russian propaganda. But that was not the only reason we still consider this soap opera a true social phenomenon.


Story[ edit ] The story is set in Brazil in the s, 20 years before the emancipation of slaves. Dona Ester raised her as her own daughter, she is educated and beautiful but very modest. Almost everyone likes her, especially Januaria the cook, who is a mother figure to her, but her master the Comendador is not particularly fond of her and he forbids Dona Ester to let Isaura dine with them as if she were a family member. Another person who hates her is the black slave Rosa who detests the privileged life Isaura leads.

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