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It measures the aggregated price direction of various commodity sectors. The CRB is designed to isolate and reveal the directional movement of prices in overall commodity trades.

However, traders and those interested in commodities found very few sources of comprehensive information were available to them. He felt traders needed something that better reflected the overall price activity in the commodity markets. To solve this problem and improve trade transparency, the CRB Index was designed to provide a dynamic representation of broad trends in commodity prices.

Today several different brokers support commodity indices that track baskets of commodities to reflect price movements. Investors recognize them as a significant barometer of commodity prices and market access.

Since its inception, many other providers have followed. All of these indices are designed to provide liquid and diverse exposure to actual commodities through futures contracts.

Others asset managers think commodities are a niche asset class that are subject to high price volatility. Regarding strategies, passive long-only indexes represent the highest exposure, according to a study by the CFA Institute.

To this end, commodity indices such as the CRB are an invaluable tool to portfolio managers. Compare Accounts.


Commodity Research Bureau Index (CRB)



Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) is now cmdty by Barchart


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