Grogrel As with all HAMEG oscilloscopes, the front panel is subdivided into sections according to the various functions. In contrast the minimum signal voltage required for reliable triggering should be at least double when the 1 kHz calibration signal is applied. To minimize the possibility of cable breakage both BNC plugs are protected by anti -kink mouldings. However, decreased brightness may be the result of reduced high voltage. This mode is not suitable for the display of very low frequency signals, as the trace will appear to flicker or jump.

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Yozshuran For example when investigating AF signals from a high impedance source the possibility of hum pick-up and crosstalk is greatly reduced as the signal Input 4 mm plug is completely screened. This is best seen by displaying a square-wave signal with the repetition rate of approximately 1 MHz. S2 While the measurement takes place the position con- trols of both deflection devices must be in mid- position. The complete triggering process is carried out by a monolithic integrated hmaeg voltage comparator with TTL output.

Operation of the sweep delay is relatively easy, as only three controls need to be used, an LED indicates the operating mode. Triggering Checks The internal triggering threshold is important as it determines the display height from which a signal will be stably displayed. The delay time now amounts to 5ms. The sum of the two channels is displayed in the Add Mode, if channel I is then inverted a differential display is obtained.

Ventilation holes are provided in the case so that instruments with a maximum consumption of 30 Watts can be operated in the case. It is recommended that any adjustments that have to be carried out inside the instrument are undertaken by qualified personnel. For RF suppres- sion the output signal is derived hzmeg a low-pass filter. This tech- nique ensures reliable triggering on low level signals up to 40 MHz. Adjustment of the vertical amplifier or the calibrator voltage is only possible from within the instrument.

This is also true with any input signal. The choice of the optimum time coeffi- cient depends on the repetition rate of the signal be- ing measured. A sine-wave signal of OOkHz is applied to the amplifier hame. If an haneg probe XI 0 is used, it should be remembered that a further multiplication by a factor of 10 is required to ascertain the correct voltage value. In thexl position the cable capacity will act as a load on a high impedance source, however the maximum sensitivity of the oscilloscope can be fully utilized.

It is recommended that the in- strument is switched on for about 1 5 minutes prior to the commencement of any check. In so doing, the square pulses must have a flat top without ramp-off, spikes and glitches; no overshoot is permitted, especially at 1 MHz and a display height of cm.

However, in this higher frequency range the vertical display height on the screen is limited to approx. The logical arrangement of the controls and connectors on the front panel ensures that the user will quickly become familiar with the operation of the instrument. Due to the probe capacity it is only recommended for use with relatively low impedance and low frequency sources. Hameg Grossansichten by sm5zbs Photobucket Y Overscanning Indication Two light-emitting diodes, located above the vertical input attenuators, show any overscanning of the hwmeg screen haemg in the vertical direction.

Technologically it represents the latest state of engineering in this price range. Pay attention to the Overscanning Indication see next paragraph. To obtain a stably triggered display in these cases, it may be necessary to use the timebase variable control or the sweep delay facility. Conversely, it should be ob- served that sinusoidal voltages indicated in Veff Vrms have 2.

Any reduction of this brightness can only be judged visually. The checking and correction of the DC-balance for the amplifiers should be carried out as already described in the Operating Instructions. This can be helpful with complicated or difficult to trigger signals. Therefore it is recommended to use totally insulated hajeg probe tips when trouble-shooting the instrument. The display of simple electrical processes such as sinusoidal RF and AF signals or 50Hz ripple voltage poses no problems.

In this haameg, the connecting cable is matched directly to the high impedance input of the oscilloscope. The reference position enables a ground reference level to be set. Input impedance 10 Megohm. If, for example, the complex bameg signal of a television receiver is to be displayed at frame fre- M7 delay setting of lOnns.

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