Very well organised and very welcoming. The centre really made an effort after all other centres were unwilling to help with the particular exam my daughter was taking and not offered by her school. The exams officer was patient and quick to respond and I have no hesitation in recommending AEC to any private candidates. Very many thanks, it was getting really stressful until we found you. Their grades have improved and their attitude towards their future has changed in such a positive way.

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Join our Webinar on April 23! See details below As road agencies that are strapped for cash look for ways to optimize their limited dollars, many are taking a much closer look at the practice of pavement preservation.

Pavement preservation techniques include nonstructural preventive maintenance surface treatments such as slurry surfacings, crack sealing, chip sealing, micro surfacing, rejuvenation, hot and cold in-place recycling and thin-lift hot-mix asphalt paving; and structural preservation techniques used in concrete pavement restoration CPR. Pavement preservation pays off in both the short and long term. We at FP2 Inc.

We invite you to browse these pages to learn more about pavement preservation, and view our quarterly magazine, Pavement Preservation Journal. States around the country are increasingly recognizing the urgent needs of our transportation network and passing bills to make up, at least some of, the funding shortfall.

But that is not enough. You will enjoy the perspective of Rocky Moretti, director of policy and research, TRIP, a national transportation research non-profit; Dr. Join us as our panelists discuss the current pavement conditions around the country; what will happen if we do not do anything at all; what will happen if we sufficiently fund a highway reauthorization bill that meets our needs; and what will it take to make transportation reauthorization a priority on Capitol Hill.

Also, learn the latest on possible highway funding tied to an economic relief package. Pre-registration for this no-charge webinar is required. Register here: And see you Thursday, April 23 from to p. It will do so by providing research in preservation techniques for both flexible [bituminous] and rigid [portland cement concrete] pavements, and supplying real world accelerated pavement preservation performance testing in both hot and cold climates.

And by leveraging economies of scale, it may deliver research products for a larger base of supportive agencies and private sector clients at lower buy-in costs. The partnership has the potential to play a much larger role in the national effort to validate pavement performance.


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