Es un motor rotativo que convierte en energa mecnica la energa de una corriente de agua, vapor de agua o gas. El elemento bsico de la turbina es la rueda o rotor, que cuenta con palas, hlices, cuchillas o cubos colocados alrededor de su circunferencia, de tal forma que el fluido en movimiento produce una fuerza tangencial que impulsa la rueda y la hace girar. Esta energa mecnica se transfiere a travs de un eje para proporcionar el movimiento de una mquina, un compresor, un generador elctrico o una hlice. Las turbinas constan de una o dos ruedas con paletas, denominadas rotor y esttor, siendo la primera la que, impulsada por el fluido, arrastra el eje en el que se obtiene el movimiento de rotacin.

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Wind Energy Research Reaps Rewards Some of us have tried it more than once. But when Viterna finally Googled himself, he could hardly believe the results: hundreds of references to an analytical model he developed in to predict the power generated by wind turbines during high winds.

These clean and efficient machines look like enormous fans and convert wind into electricity. At the time of publication, wind energy experts had dismissed his theory. Increased consumption and an oil embargo against the United States and other western countries had contributed to record-high gas prices and lines at the pump. In response, President Richard Nixon set up a federal task force to explore renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, hydrogen and wind turbines.

Wind Energy Program for large horizontal-axis wind turbines -- the most popular systems used today. Throughout the program, NASA developed a total of 13 experimental wind turbines.

It was key in the minds of Americans, and we were right in the middle of leading the effort. Corrigan changed the pitch of the blades to match the machine in Denmark, and Viterna used data from the tests to reverse engineer an analytical model to predict power in high winds. Viterna and Corrigan presented the model that year at an international workshop, where it received a tepid response.

The wind energy program ended later that year, and both engineers moved along in their careers. Image left: This 3. It is still used commercially today. Credit: NASA Neither of them thought much about the paper until, on a whim, Viterna searched the Internet for his name and the word "wind. Twenty-five years after publishing their paper, the two engineers are being recognized for their work.

To top it all off, last August, the Department of Energy approved the code as part of its design tools for worldwide certification of wind turbines. With recent rises in the price of oil and concern growing over pollution, Americans again are turning their attention to alternative sources of energy. Many experts believe that wind is one of the most promising options. As the wind power industry grows, the Viterna method will surely be an important tool for turbine designers everywhere.

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Como funcionam as turbinas eólicas de geração de energia?

Turbina Eolica es la novedad tecnologica , es la nueva generaciones de turbinas eolicas generadoras de energia electrica medioambientales que le suministra energia electrica con la fuerza del viento, funciona sin combustible contaminante, puede abastecer energia electrica para varios focos y electrodomesticos, ideal para uso domiciliario, en propiedades agricolas, estancias ganaderas, ranchos, lecherias, granjas y lugares remotos donde no llega la energia de la cre. Ventajas: no contamina el medio ambiente, reduce el alto costo de energia electrica de la cre. Welcome to Wind Energy world. Subscribe to our mailing list Email Address Subscribe our wind turbine newsletter to get our FREE White Paper and FREE update of price list We mainly designs,manufactures,exports rooftop wind turbines, household wind turbine,small wind generator,mini wind turbine,windmill turbine,wind turbine towers,home wind energy,wind powered turbines,wind generation,home wind turbines,offshore wind turbine, wind generated power, mirco blade,wind turbine blade,wind energy blades,alternative energy wind,residential wind turbine,wind alternator,mirco wind turbine,wind powered electricity,wind turbine electricity,residential windmill,horizontial wind turbine,wind turbine manufacturers,factory,exporter in china. Why Wind Energy At present, most of the power still rely on traditional coal and oil. However, many problems facing traditional energy sources. First, they need expensive exploration costs and increasingly depleted, resulting in traditional energy prices soaring.


Antecedentes de las turbinas eólicas



Solución de diseño y análisis de estructuras de turbinas eólicas


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