However, he now feels threatened by Chief, a younger, faster Black and Tan Coonhound. During a bear hunt, Chief protects the Master when the bear turns on him, while Copper is too afraid of the bear to confront him. Tod is a red fox kit, raised as a pet by one of the human hunters who killed his mother and litter mates. Tod initially enjoys his life, but when he reaches sexual maturity he returns to the wild.

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Jan 19, James Steele rated it really liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The life of a red fox over the years as he survives hunters, trappings, hounds, human encroachment, drought, and the hound whos hunting him.

The story takes places from two points of view: Tod the fox, and Copper the hound. The hunted and the hunter. The book starts with the hunting dog, Copper, as he and his master are enlisted by the police to find a missing man. Copper doesnt know this, only that he is to track a scent. At the end is a dead body, and the scent of bear. Shortly afterwards, Copper and his pack are enlisted to track down the killer bear, and this leads to a fight to the death.

The master is maimed, but Chief, the old dog who is currently alpha, grabs the bear by the balls literally and pulls it off the master, giving him time to shoot the bear. The story then picks up with a family of foxes. A group of hunters finds the den, the mother is only able to save one of her pups and is then ripped apart by a pack of hunting dogs. The fox pup named Tod is raised by compassionate humans. Eventually he starts feeling his oats and runs off after the scent of a female in heat.

Now the fox lives in the country on his own. Chief breaks off his leash and chases the fox. Unable to shake the dog, Tod leads Chief across the railroad tracks just as he feels a train approaching. For the rest of the book, Tod is hunted and chased, his family is murdered twice, and the hunter tries to trap him, but he survives. This is farm country, and foxes are a nuisance in general, so the master is called upon to exterminate the fox population.

Over the course of his life, Tod loses all his children and both mates to the hunters. Meanwhile the world changes. The farm country is developed and suburbs take over. Through it all, with his wit and ability to learn from successes and failures both in himself and those around him , Tod survives.

He lives on the razor edge of his senses, and using those senses to survive the dangers around him is satisfying. Nothing much happens. Then, finally, something starts happening, visuals lock in place again and the story becomes exciting! They are natural, wild animals. Only the omniscient narrator weaves their thought processes into something humans can understand. We see the world the way Tod and Copper see it, in monochrome shades colored with pure scent.

We get to know how they think, and see the chain of logic that leads them to conclusions an animal would come to. Copper just wants to make his master happy. Scenting prey makes him useful to his master, catching prey makes his master happy, and he does it to bond with him.

He enjoys being with his master. Tod, however, just wants to survive. He was just running for his life and saw an opportunity to get the dog off his trail. Neither he nor Copper hold a grudge against the other. The ending is This is how they see the world.

This is how they learn, how they adapt, how they deal with these problems. This is how the bloodhound sees the hunt. This is how the fox sees the hunt. Completely in animal terms.


The Fox and The Hound

His life was remarkably different from other writers of his generation. His career included times as a side show performer, magician, trainer of eagles and film maker. The Grest Zadma was a stage name Mannix used as a magician. He also entertained as a sword swallower and fire eater in a traveling carnival sideshow. Magazine articles about these experiences, co-written with his wife, became very popular in and


[PDF] The Fox and The Hound Book by Daniel P. Mannix Free Download (251 pages)


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