Теперь она с гордостью называет себя первой турчанкой Германии, осмелившейся на такой дерзкий шаг. Сила Сахин получила известность во многом благодаря роли в сериале "Хорошие времена, плохие времена" - "мыльной опере", транслировавшейся по германскому ТВ. Объясняя планы сфотографироваться без одежды, Сила Сахин сказала, что хотела стать совершенно свободной от всего, что сковывало ее в детстве. После съемок для мужского журнала Playboy Сила Сахин разругалась с семьей. Ее возлюбленный Йорн Шленвойт защищает подругу, утверждая, что у Сахин прекрасное тело, скрывать которое от общественности - преступление. Правда, решение девушки сняться обнаженной было неожиданностью и для него самого, так как Сила рассказала ему о своих планах только после того, как улетела на Шри-Ланку для съемок.

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Yet was it just a marketing coup, or even a daring act of integration? Interview cafebabel. What relationship do you have to Berlin? I love Turkey too, of course; Istanbul and Izmir are wonderful places. Although I am very curious about other cities I think I will always come back to Berlin. I enjoy having two cultures. It would be a shame to just have one nationality.

Each language is like meeting a new person. Sila Sahin: What does that mean? I am a citizen of the world. I would love to set off with my backpack and travel to China, Mexico, Cuba I want to discover the whole world.

Sila Sahin: I went to a theatre school, trained as a beautician, worked as a model, and on top of that took dance and singing classes. I would have loved to be a fashion designer or a dancer. When you act nobody asks you to justify yourself. I especially love the electricity of the stage and the chemistry with the audience. Acting gives you an unbelievable freedom. Sila Sahin: Everyone wants to be free.

Of course, it depends on the environment in which you were brought up, what those around you say and how that influences you. Taking acting classes really changed me. I no longer needed other people to approve what I did. I want to have my own experiences and follow my own path. Why do you pose naked? Yes, I have a mind of my own; I want to be free.

My parents are very modern but they still have certain expectations or images with regard to the role that a woman should play. I am at home in Berlin. The important thing is to exchange, to share with others. But the biggest pressure comes from society: like many immigrants, my mother and father arrived here and shut themselves off from the rest of the world a little.

Of course, at first I wanted to live like them but then I realised that there is more to life. I had already posed for FHM , and then the editors of Playboy asked me to do some nude photographs for them. I thought about it a lot: I was perfectly aware that it was going to shock people. But I felt really at ease during the photo shoot and when I saw the photos, they were different, feminine.

Very feminine. Where is the problem? And, of course, the controversy has helped my career. Sila Sahin: It would be great to get into cinema. As a matter of fact, she is very like the way I used to be. We must live and let live. Of course, my family is muslim but I have no desire to be Joan of Arc.


Sila Sahin: So sexy sind ihre Playboy-Fotos!



GZSZ: Sila Sahin nackt



Sila Sahin poses for Playboy: Muslim model upsets family with nude cover



Sila Sahin Playboy


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