Sesame seeds til — To be added to havan samigri Mustard seeds — To be added to havan samigri Oat jaun — To be added to havan samigri Jaggery Desi Khand — To be added to havan samigri Rice Flowers to offer to diety and place near havan kund Prasad Halwa should be prepared to offer to the main deity worshiped Havan should be done in sunlight, preferably between AM, clean and mop the place where you intend to do havan Centre of your home is the best place. After a bath, all family members should sit facing North or East, keep the havan kund in front of you. Asan on which you sit should be four-time folded i. After you have comfortably sat close your eyes and recite Gayatri Mantra three times in mind not loudly. Place a Kalash, vessel filled with water in the right direction, it can be covered with coconut and mango leaves. Put teeka Kanku and rice on Havan Kund and family members forehead and tie Mauli on there wrist.

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Adi Sanaatan Devi-Devataa Dharma 23 Nar aise karma kare jo nar Arjun se Narayan bane aur naari Draupadi aise karma kare jo Lakshmi bane 4 pollution of Mother Nature and the earth has been increasing day by day. Because of eating this kind of polluted food, today the mankind has become both mentally and physically diseased. With the objective of putting into practice the principle Like ones food, like ones thoughts, in order to grow the pollution-free crops, spread pure vibrations in the world, transmit the Divine knowledge and enable the practice of Raja Yoga in the various spiritual families, the AIVV members in above mentioned places started farming without chemical fertilizers, so that the intake of food free from pollution could ensure the physical and mental health.

In this way, the task of purifying both the soul and nature is going on in AIVV. As a unique experiment, the members of AIVV themselves cultivate the farm land in the remembrance of God. Refreshing the memories of ancient hermitage life, the residents of this farm perform tapasyaa through the practice of the karma yoga remembrance of God while performing actions. They begin their day early in the morning24, and after listening to the lesson of Divine knowledge and practice of meditation, they get busy in various farm related works in the remembrance of God.

Everyone, who would like to experience the real peace, happiness and purity in their lives and become acquainted with the details about the secret role of the incorporeal Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva that is going on in India, is most welcome in our spiritual families.

Om Shanti. Only this is called the God Fatherly World University the Spiritual University of God the Father , because the true liberation of the human beings of the entire world takes place [here]. This is the real world university. It is also a house; we are sitting in front of the Mother and Father. Moreover, it is also a university; the Spiritual Father is sitting [here]. It looks like a house too, but the Father Himself is the true teacher.

It is a house as well as a school. That is why many people cannot understand whether it is a house or a school. Many use the name Vishwa Vidhyalaya university. In reality, they are not world universities universities for the world. The universe means the entire world.

This house has been constructed. People in Farrukhabad believe in the Master, dont they? You have understood the meaning of master as well. He is the Master. We are His children. So we must certainly receive the inheritance. Their addresses can be found out from the following spiritual families in various states all over India.

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How to do Havan at Home



Ramayan Of Bhanubhakta भानुभक्त रामायण pdf


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