Four-part mixed chorus Four solo voices with optional organ accompaniment O sacrum convivium! Latin : O sacred banquet is a short offertory motet for four-part mixed chorus by French composer Olivier Messiaen , setting " O sacrum convivium ". It was composed and published in Composition[ edit ] Messiaen, a composer who, unlike many contemporaries, held an unshakeable faith throughout his entire life, [1] wrote many works dedicated to the love of God expressed through Jesus Christ. This motet is a religious composition that Messiaen finished when he was 29 years old.

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Part 1 O Sacrum Convivium! This analysis is to see if any clear musical patterns can be found in the piece, either in harmony or in structure. As the piece is still under copyright, it cannot be released to the general public sorry! The piece is fairly straight-forward: In terms of form, there are essentially two 16 bar periods parallel with sub 8 bar periods within.

There is also a three measure coda simply an echo of the opening music of period 1 and 2 , adding to a total of 35 measures. First, we can use music21 to create a Roman Numeral analysis of the work. As stated in the code below, I revert to F Major as the key for the analysis, as that is where the Bass part cadences. Chord : thisChord. This information above also reveals that chords are used in O Sacrum Convivium!. Using the collections library, we can find the amount of unique chords in a piece essentially the same thing as the set of a list , discovering that 53 of them are unique.

That being said, music21 is — of course — analyzing a chord as unique, even if only the soprano line where the melody falls is the only one changing.


O sacrum convivium!, for voices, I/18

Gregorian Based Choral Masterworks. A Hymn for the World. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. After purchase you can download your video from your Digital Library. The original published score states with organ accompaniment ad libitum. One of his most well-known pieces is Quatour pour le fin de temps, an eight-movement work for violin, clarinet, cello and piano, the available instrumentalists in the prisoner-of-war camp in which he resided during World War II.


O sacrum convivium



O sacrum convivium_Messiaen_TUTTI.mid Midi file, 4 kB


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