My entertainment skills grew immensely regard to this book. Itai pinki 7 of 7 magicians found this helpful. Did this review help you? Performance is key This book is an excellent complement to those two.

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In stock: usually ships within 24 hours! Read Maximum Entertainment 2. Now more than 75 pages longer, with tons of amplifications, clarifications, and additions, all aimed toward making you a better, stronger, more impactful performer.

Yet the same price as when it debuted in Hear what everyone was saying about the original version: "This book is here to stay. Every professional dreams of having a director like Ken Weber. Now we can. Deceptively simple, practical, and fun. Highly constructive advice for any performer. With deep insight and gentle guidance, Ken Weber breaks a critical silence about the flaws within our art form. A stroke of genius in concept, and a joy to read!

You really did an amazing job. It is required reading for all my students. Every serious magician should own this book. The most important secrets - techniques for mastering your audience! Newsweek magazine named him "one of the most frequently requested" performers on the college circuit. Ken Weber has performed for over colleges and universities, and for major corporations, associations and resorts. Through careful study, he uncovered the many secrets that helps top performers stand apart from their peers.

He shares a blueprint for success in Maximum Entertainment 2. You will never reach your full potential until you master all six.

This book will show you. Questions about this product.


Magic Tricks

When Ken Weber advises, professional mentalists earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year take his Why? Because Ken Webor knows how to make a yrmance entertaining, and to the most successful magicians His also what matters the most to our audiences. Frankly be nly thing that, matters to them. But how dowe learn to ly entertain an audience? We do hundreds or thousands of givs, learn from our mistakes, and, aver time, we get hetier. A mentor.


Ken Weber - Maximum Entertainment

Darwin Ortiz is one of the most important close-up figures of our time. Lots of magicians would benefit from this book if only they would read it. When the audio book came out I immediately purchased it. I also purchased the book as well.

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