Shelves: favorites , fiction , most-favorite , philosophy , play , psychology , to-die-for , urdu-literature A story of a sojourner, a traveler , an explorer on the path of spirituality. More than mysticism, this philosophical magnum opus is about code of life, rather about life itself. From the protagonists, Irshad, standpoint existence transcends. The supreme dialogues engrossed in cordial philosophy, saturated with meaning coerce an individual to seek the higher meaning of life. For anybody interested in reading philosophical mastery to quench their thirst for spirituality must read this book. Heres A story of a sojourner, a traveler , an explorer on the path of spirituality.

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Ashfaq Ahmed was a great writer, intellectual, broadcaster, poet, educationist, and a Sufi saint. Professor Ashfaq Ahmed wrote in many languages like Urdu and Punjabi. Ashfaq Ahmed worked for TV and Radio and also wrote many dramas for television and radio. His outstanding Radio program, Talqeen Shah and its main character, was vastly liked and gave a national identity to Ashfaq Ahmed. The author of the book hosted a Television show with the title Zavia.

In this presentation, he gave the answers to the questions of the Youngs. In his later life, Ashfaq Ahmed became a Sufi intellectual. He was a close friend of Qudratullah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti. Both of those were also writers and a firm believer of mysticism. These things influenced Ashfaq Ahmed and his thoughts. Ashfaq Ahmed gave a touch of Sufism to the story. A man who was in search of the right path of Allah and wandered in the world. He met with the philosophers, intellectuals, and scholars of the religions.

He wanted to end his doubt about the existence of God. The man wanted to do business with Allah with a high profit. In the end, man founded four persons a cobbler, a shepherd, a mail carrier, and a sweeper — the man satisfied with Allah and the right path after met to them and listened to four professionals. The story of the book is very highly enthusiastic and passionate. The story entertains and provokes the readers to act simultaneously. I hope you will also like the book Man Chalay Ka Sauda Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

You can download all novels and dramas of Ashfaq Ahmed free in Pdf form from this website.


Manchalay Ka Sauda



Mann Chalay Ka Sauda / من چلے کا سودا


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