Shelves: magical-and-surreal , albania , read-in The Ghost Rider was initially published in English under the title Doruntine and it is another case of translation from French, not from the original Albanian. Is there a serious deficit of translators from Albanian into English? It seems that Kadares works were regularly translated into French by his The Ghost Rider was initially published in English under the title Doruntine and it is another case of translation from French, not from the original Albanian. At first, the novel seems to be a sort of Gothic detective novel, but as the action unfolds, we understand that the implications run deeper, weaving myth and reality in a gripping tale that also speaks of the Albanian people and their heritage. At some unspecified time and place in Medieval Albania, Captain Stresi hears of the mysterious return of Doruntine, the only daughter of the noble Vranaj family; now she and her mother lay on their deathbeds, having experienced a terrible shock.

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You are on page 1of 1 Search inside document Kush e solli Doruntinen eshte nje roman me tematike kryesore besen e shqipetareve. Ngjarja e ketij romani zhvillohet ne Shqiperine mesjetare.

Ky roman ben fjale per nje nene e cila ka nje vajze dhe nente djem. Djemte deshirojne ta martojne larg motren e tyre. Nena nuk pranon ne asnje menyre qe Doruntina te martohet larg por Konstandini,djali I saj I jep fjalen nenes se do ta sjelle ate sa here qe ajo te deshiroje.

Por ne lufte Konstandini bashke me t tet vellezerit e tij vdesin. Nena pikellohet si per vdekjen e djemve te saj edhe per faktin qe nuk do ta shikonte me Doruntinen pasi nuk kishte me njeri qe tia sillte. Nena shume e deshperuar shkon tek varri I Konstandinit dhe e mallkon ate pasi ai nuk e mbajti besen e dhene. Konstandini edhe pse I vdekur , e mban serish besen e tij , ngrihet prej varrit , I hipen kalit dhe niset drejt e tek Doruntina qe ta coje tek nena.

Ne kete menyre Konstandini e mban fjalen e dhene. Kapiten Stresi ,kerkonte te zgjidhte dhe te mbyllte ceshtjen e ardhjes se Doruntines ,vdekjen e saj se bashku me nenen dhe me kryesorja ishte te zbulonte hapjen e varrit te Konstandinit.

Kapiten Stresi ben cdo gje qe te zgjidhe kete ceshtje. I gjithe ky roman bazohet ne traditat e shqipetareve dhe ne faktin se si shqiptaret nuk mund ta tradhetojne kurre besen e dhene.

Me ringjalljen e Konstandinit Kadare ka treguar se besa e shqiptarit eshte nje nder virtytet me me vlere dhe ben pjese ne traditat e cdo shqiptari. Punoi: Lenti Begolli.


Kush e Solli Doruntinen

When Doruntine is asked in marriage by a foreign prince, everyone in the family disagrees to let her go so far away. At this point all twelve brothers agree to the marriage, but soon they all die in a war, Constantin included. Mother cannot bear the loss of all of her children and not having even her daughter close to her at an old age, her mourning too heavy to bear. Her monologue is full of pathos and anger.




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