Must read for everyone. One who spews Urdu couplets at drop of hat. However, he always projects himself as an bumbling idiot. Captain Fiaz, Superintendent of Intelligence bureau starts to solve the case but he is always in need of Ali Imran to solve the cases and this time also Imran, with the help of his sharp mind and power of decision, solve the case and disclose Sir Jahangir, a well reputed and honored man, as an agent of enemy.

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There is only one original writer - Ibn-e-Safi. Lead character Imran is shrewd, intelligent man. One who spews Urdu couplets at drop of hat. However, he always projects himself as an bumbling idiot. I thought this was bit too overdone. This book has two stories - House of Fear and Shootout at Rocks. First one involves traditional secret agents, traitors and imposters.

The second one predictably is related to mythical, dynastic drug mafia lord. One big plus the that it is flowing and it is fast-paced.

One minor whine - I missed reading Urdu couplets in original, English translation is never the same. His stories are the kind that should be made into movies.

His protagonist Imran is portrayed as a strange funny man, foolish mostly but someone who is highly sought after by people who know him to help them solve mysteries. He is a member of the Intelligence division. Hard to believe per the initial characterisation. It flows well.

His foolishness borders on being extreme. Just a simple reason why he does this apart from, to fool his opponents who are rather foolish to fall into this trap would be great.

But then, that is what make these mysteries so simple and easy to read and accessible to all. Imran Series gives you everything. Thrill, Romance, Comedy and definitely some extra-ordinary not run-of-the-mill in any way Action. I have spent countless nights reading the different books of the series and I am not even exaggerating. Absolutely love these books.


Khaufnak Imarat Imran Series Jild 1 By Ibne Safi Pdf



Khaufnak Imarat


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