Sep 04, Allison K rated it it was amazing Throughout The Shame of a Nation, author Jonathan Kozol describes his journey through 60 different inner-city school detailing the discrepancies between those and rural schools. Kozol sheds some light on apartheid schooling, where minorities specifically black and hispanic students make up virtually the entire student body. Kozol details how the American education system is failing these students; particularly because these schools are underfunded, hire untrained teachers, and are overcrowded. Throughout The Shame of a Nation, author Jonathan Kozol describes his journey through 60 different inner-city school detailing the discrepancies between those and rural schools.

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He did not, however, complete his scholarship, deciding instead to go to Paris to learn to write fiction and nonfiction from experienced authors such as William Styron , Richard Wright , and others who were living in Paris at the time. It was upon his return that he began to tutor children in Roxbury, MA , and soon became a teacher in the Boston Public Schools.

He was fired for teaching a Langston Hughes poem, as described in Death at an Early Age , and then became deeply involved in the civil rights movement. After being fired from Boston Public Schools, he was offered a position to teach at Newton Public Schools , the school district he attended as a child, and taught there for several years before becoming more deeply involved in social justice work and dedicating more time to writing.

Kozol has since held two Guggenheim Fellowships , has twice been a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation , and has also received fellowships from the Field and Ford Foundations.

Kozol also has worked in the field of social psychology. He has been working with children in inner-city schools for more than forty years. Kozol at Pomona College , Death at an Early Age , his first non-fiction book, is a description of his first year as a teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Kozol documents the continuing and often worsening segregation in public schools in the United States, and the increasing influence of neoconservative ideology on the way children, particularly children of color and poor children of urban areas, are educated.

He continues to condemn the inequalities of education and the apparently worsening segregation of black and Hispanic children from white children in the segregated public schools of almost every major city of the nation. In particular, he analyzes the amount of money spent per child. Donations to the EAF go directly towards children and families living in impoverished or racially isolated areas, and often provide a much-needed relief from financial instability.

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Canestrari and Bruce A. Teachers are now teaching to the test instead of allowing their creativity to take over and make school be what it should be. Students sit silently in chairs, hours at a time, and taking test after test. I remember simply taking the DRP tests in fifth grade and to be quite honest, I did try in the beginning but the test was just so long I started filling in random bubbles on the sheet so I could just finish.


The Shame Of The Nation : The Restoration Of Apartheid Schooling

Jonathan Kozol, educator and author of, The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America, argues that black and hispanic students tend to be in concentrated in schools where they make up almost the entire student body 8. If a reader is confused about what is going on they will no longer want to continue reading. Although Jonathan Kozol included a large amount of information, he did not use an excessive amount. The content given progressed fairly well. Hanushek, E.

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