Earlier too there were two occasions when abhishek was arranged but both the times the king was found missing. Udit is a cruel hearted man, unfit to be a good king. Shankar Singh has his vices too but is a kind hearted person who would care for his citizens and is thus worthy to be the king. Now, coincidentally, Gauri has exactly the same appearance as Shankar Singh also played by Uttam Kumar. This being the last hope, Sardar requests him to enact the role of the King for the abhishek until he finds the real king.

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The book had already been adapted into English-language films in and , and later, in Soumitra Chatterjee is cast, uncharacteristically, in a villainous role in the film. Sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan directs the music. He says that the to-be King of Jhind, Shankar Singh, was found missing from the kingdom right before his coronation; this is apparently a conspiracy by his own brother Udit Singh, who wants the kingdom for himself.

Earlier, too, there were two occasions when coronation was arranged, but on both occasions, the King was found missing. Udit is a cruel man, unfit to be a good king. Shankar Singh has his vices too, but is a kind-hearted person who would care for his citizens and is thus worthy to be king. This being the last hope, the fauji Sardar requests him to pretend to be the King for the coronation and until the real King can be found.

Gauri agrees. The two set off for Jhind. Despite the great luxury of kingly life, Gauri is constantly threatened by Udit and his friend, the dashingly handsome but evil Mayurvahan Soumitra Chatterjee. The coronation however takes place successfully; moreover, the pretend King becomes engaged to Rani Kasturi Bai Arundhati Devi on the occasion. In spite of the situation becoming more and more tense, with the life of the King at stake, a romance blooms between Kasturi Bai and Gauri. A secret agent reveals that the real King is hidden in a fortress owned by Udit, who will murder him as soon as he gets rid of Gauri.

The then-king being issue less, adopted Shankar and Udit as sons. After a secret entry to the fortress where the King is being held prisoner, Gauri fights a battle with Mayurvahan, finally killing him as well as surprising and killing Udit.

As he approaches his look-alike Shankar Singh, he has a momentary desire to kill the King and gain the kingdom for himself, he being as deserving by blood as Shankar Singh; but his humanity wins over and he approaches the King respectfully, addressing him as "Your Highness". He then bids a last goodbye to Kasturi Bai and mounts a horse to head back to Kolkata.


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