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Sklep: Booknet. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. Konstruktionswissenschaft, ang. Design science. Characteristic features of the structure designed: a embarking on the problem of creation of geometrical design form, b embarking on the problem of aesthetic criteria, c assumption of spatial abilities as an underlying factor in the creative processes, d holistic approach to the problems considered.

A set of heuristics for the identification of an artefact and its design representation OK heuristics and a set of heuristics for the solution of spatial tasks ZP heuristics were made up. The heuristics were proposed based upon the results of analyses of the tasks solution processes.

When formulating the heuristics an extensive knowledge of the Gestalt psychology, cognitive psychology and creative psychology was employed. The heuristics proved to be very useful a in finding mutual relationships within the very set of the heuristics, which provided information on the process of task solutions, b in determining relationships between a set of the mind features and the set of heuristics, which was employed as a basis for the research method adopted in this study.

A fundamental objective of empirical research and statistical analyses was to find the meaning of the elaborated structure of tasks in the context of design creativity process. The scope of this research was directly linked with the verification of the research hypotheses adopted. In the study, a relationship between the mind features or cognitive preferences and a frequency of application of the ZP heuristics was employed.

The CTU96 method dicovered by C. Briggs and I. Briggs-Myers, to diagnosis of cognitive preferences. The applied methods of factor analysis, cluster analysis and canonical analysis made it possible to single out these ZP heuristics, mind features and cognitive preferences which are essential from the point of view of design creativity.

Based upon the research done it was concluded that technical tasks are significant to the design process if heuristics employed for their solution are important to the creative process or restore these mind characteristics or cognitive preferences which are crucial to creative thinking. The heuristics selected may be applied in creative design processes for the solution of more complex problems than the tasks analysed in this study.

Stan wiedzy. Badania empiryczne i analizy statystyczne. Badania heurystyk, weryfikacja hipotez. Odwzorowanie prostych 1. Konstrukcja i jej zapis 4. Zasady zapisu konstrukcji 4. Metody rzutowania w graficznym zapisie konstrukcji 4. Graficzny zapis postaci konstrukcyjnej 4.

AutoCAD Sklep: ksiegarnia. Sklep: NaszaSzkolna. Nie zawsze jej wszystko wychodzi. Sklep: Literacka.


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