In addition to our industry-leading core iFIX technology, take advantage of a range of options that extend the capabilities even farther. From reporting to batch execution, iFIX has options to meet all of your needs and enable the high performance operator. Expect more Dream Report for Proficy Powerful reporting to help improve performance and meet operational goals This powerful reporting software accesses open and proprietary archives and databases to generate professional reports by schedule, on event, or manually—then publishes and distributes the reports. The solution delivers web-based reports management over the Internet via an integrated web portal, enabling customers to access generated reports, create new reports, and build web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes.

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To install or upgrade these products, you must obtain the media for that product. You must be an Administrator to install iFIX. Ensure that there are no iFIX or GE processes running, and close any other programs that are running.

The iFIX installation screen appears. A message may appear with a security warning. If it does, select Run to proceed. NET 4. After it installs, you will be prompted to restart your computer. The install media must be available or connected to the target machine the entire time for the install to finish.

Click the "Install iFIX" link. A message box appears asking you to confirm the install. Click Yes to proceed.

An informational message box appears. Please install the latest Windows updates and then install iFIX. To install KB, you may need to install other updates first.

For Windows 8. Click OK to proceed. The install program starts and the Welcome screen appears. Click Next to continue. The license agreement screen appears. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" if you want to continue, and then click Next.

For iFIX versions before 4. If you want to upgrade, it is suggested that you do so using the install at this point. The Setup Type screen appears. Custom — Installs iFIX and the options that you choose.

You are prompted to enter your options after you select an install path. The Choose Destination Location screen appears. Leave the default path or click Browse to select a folder. Do not install over a current FIX32 installation. If you enter a custom install path, be aware that the path can be no greater than characters long.

If you want to use 6. Some paths are not compressible to the 64 character maximum length. Please be aware of this. When set to 1, the compression algorithm is disabled. Select the features you want to install, and click Next. The Ready to Install Program screen appears. Click Install.

The progress of the installation displays on screen as the files are copied. After a few minutes, when the install finishes copying the files, the iFIX Configure Wizard dialog box appears. If you want to configure a networked client, select View and Networked. Use a name other than the default name of FIX for your node name. A message box requests that you enable iFIX through the firewall, if the Windows firewall is enabled.

Click Yes to continue otherwise, you may need to do this later, if the firewall is enabled. The install continues. Click Yes or OK to continue. When a message box appears requesting that you view the release notes, click Yes. Close the release notes after you finish reviewing them to resume the install.

The Setup Complete screen appears. Select Yes to restart your computer, and then click Finish. After you restart your computer and the install completes, install your product licensing. For information on installing and configuring your license, refer to the GE Support site. Restart the computer again. As the computer restarts, log in to Windows with the same user name with Administrator rights. It is recommended that you elect to upgrade iFIX when this message appears.

By following the upgrade process, iFIX installs to same folder where your previous version existed. For steps on how to change the password and other user account settings, refer to the Modifying a User Account topic in the Configuring Security Features e-book. Make sure you save this password.



Numericupdown Thousand Separator was added. Print document function was update, Print screen command added. Plc communication error function added. Decimal place added for scale function. Alternative Ip address added for Redundant and all plc communication driver.


Proficy HMI / SCADA


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