The distribution of the results in Graph 2 clearly delineates three periods in publishing translations from Arabic to Bosnian: Poslije bitaka i uinjenog zla, zlikovci riznicq povlae za voama. Over the course of the Ottoman rule in Bosnia, Turkish was considered to be the znajja of administration, Persian the language of poetry, while Arabic was predominantly used in scholarly works on theology, philosophy, philology, science, apart from being the language of religious rituals of Muslims and their holy book. Reci babu, slobodno, ha? Troje je ponio orao, a ono znanjaa crklo.

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Molrajas He eats only what is sufficient to stave off hunger, attempting to control appetite. Firstly, if he or she has no knowledge of God in Platonic terms, the Form of the Goodthen at the death of the body the soul also remains ignorant for Plato, the soul would return to another physical body, not necessarily human.

Upon her death, the young Hayy suffers the taunts and attacks of other animals until he moves into a cave and discovers fire. A summary of the tale, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society on July 17,underlies this point: Ibn Tufail wrote a short introduction to his romance, in which he discusses briefly some of the views held by the leading Muslim exponents of mystic philosophy before his time, namely, al-Farabi, Avicenna, al-Ghazali and Avempace.

Ghazali himself had spent the last sixteen years of his life reclused from society and its activities in in to follow the path of mystical experience. Since all matter inherently seems to move in a given direction according to its nature. After breaking through the pericardium, he opens up the heart and finds that it has two halves, one of which is full of congealed blood, the other…empty. And as for Wisdom, there was no way for them to attain it, neither had they any Share in it.

King Alphonso, whose growing power menaced the security of the Muslims in Spain, planning horrid surprises for the Christian fleet when it issued from Lisbon, taming the lawless tribes of the African desert. And there ye shall enjoy all manner of delights without partaking either of food or drink.

He was also greatly influenced by Ibn Sina Avicenna, c. Though this classic is likewise an adventure of isolation and fortitude set on a deserted island, significant plot differences allow for limited comparison only. Through abstinence, self-discipline, prayer and meditation he eventually found the peace of mind that his material success had not provided him, and this work, Deliverance, describes how he achieved direct knowledge of God through marifa.

Absal then teaches Hayy about the deficiencies of human civilization, whereupon Hayy develops pity for humans and a desire to save them. Crusoe is a reluctant candidate for solitude. And when he reflected upon his own Body, he felt the presence of such an Organ in his Breast. Thus at the end of seven times seven years, without prophet or revelation, he achieves the utmost fullness of knowledge and ineffable felicity in mystical union with his Lord.

Enchained in the fetters of the senses, their intelligence can respond only to concrete imagery and their moral nature is in most cases amenable to nothing higher than a crude system of rewards and punishments.

Penguin Classics, Quran, trans. It was Ibn Tufayl who recommended Averroes to Yaqub, and Averroes himself reports of this first meeting: It is this process of reasoned enquiry, in total isolation from other human beings, that leads Hayy into a journey for ultimate truth. In his search for causes, Hayy postulated that there must be some Cause of all causes.

Any attempt to convey the sublime mystical experience only leads to misunderstanding. Nothing New Under the Sun They are both very religious, and study their texts thoroughly, though one has a tendency to take passages literally, the other metaphorically. Since the early days of Muslim conquest, when the Arabs forced their way along North Africa and in 7 1 1 crossed into Andalusia, those regions had seen the rise and fall of many Muslim states, varying in territorial extent and not of uniform doctrinal complexion.

Rather, it braids together various intellectual strains—philosophical and mystical—to produce a unique and original synthesis.

He stumbles upon the whole of Aristotelian physics in this cave through empirical observation. It is selfishness yasdhan confusion that create problems for yaqdgan reason and faith. But Hayy starts to realise that he is not like the other deer; he has no fur to keep him warm, or antlers to defend himself.

Crusoe having survived and progressed in skills and self-confidence, applying technology and entrepreneurship, the island becomes a productive colony and material resource to Crusoe. Provision as first came to hand. He is wiseOmniscient! These were the first things he found out, belonging to the Spiritual World; for these Forms are not the objects of Sense, but are apprehended by Intel- lectual Speculation. This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat By the age of 21 Hayy is now dressed in the skins of animals and has even made his own shoes.

In qua Ostenditur, quomodo ex Inferiorum contemplatione ad Superiorum notitxam Ratio humana ascendere posit Self-taught philosopher: From ages seven to 21, Hayy uses reason toward practical ends, creating tools and experiments to learn about the natural world.

Yet the ortho- dox refused to abate one jot of their belief in verbal inspiration. What these schools did was to translate Greek works, many deriving from Alexandria, into Syriac, and so when the Arabs conquered these lands they were confronted with the task of translating into Arabic works that had been translated into Syriac from the Greek! His attempt on the second only awoke misgiving and anger in their hearts. But of all the voices which he imitated, he made most use of the Deers, and could express himself as they haty, either when they want help, call their Mates, when they would have them come nearer, or go farther cff.

He knew they were bodies, because they had extension, and he began to consider if they had infinite length or not. It is a multiplicity in a unity. And the existing or not existing of Body is all one to hayt, for their sole Connection and Dependance is upon the Essence of that One True Necessary Self-existent Beingwho is the first of them, and the Begin- ning of them, and the Cause of their Existence, and he perpetuates them and continues them for ever; nor do they want the Bodies, but the Bodies want them; for if they should perish, the Bodies would hahy, because these Essences are the Principles of these Bodies.

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