This book is filed with great humor that had my laughing hard and details that really put the reader in the story and educates them of what happens during snapjer and during a mission. Put things in prospective. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is why we read this book. More than learning how to pick a lock, they learned how to blow the door off its hinges.

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Wasdin was raised in Screven, Georgia and enrolled at Cumberland College for several years. After childhood, he enlisted in the Navy. Eventually joined the fleet, serving in Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 7 HS-7 as an antisubmarine warfare operator and rescue swimmer. In early October during a deployment aboard John F.

Kennedy, Dr. Wasdin was aboard a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopter that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean due to a catastrophic loss of transmission oil while tracking the Soviet submarine K which had suffered an explosion and fire in a ballistic missile tube near Bermuda. Wasdin and crew were successfully rescued from the downed aircraft which eventually inverted and sank after a salvage attempt.

The remainder of his time in HS-7 revealed him to be an extremely confident and capable junior petty officer. He was well liked among his peers. Following successful completion of training, Dr. Later he was selected to join the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group in November and completed an eight-month training and selection course. In October , Dr. For his heroic actions on 3 and 4 October he was awarded the Silver Star.

The book also covers aspects of his personal life, including his marriages, his childhood, [4] and life after leaving the Navy. This resulted in a great deal of publicity for both Dr. Wasdin and his book which was amended to include a Preface in which Dr.

Wasdin speculates how the operation might have gone. Military History.


Book Howard

Jutaur You will learn some interesting facts about strategies, tactics, gear, and immense egos. If that makes any sense Brand names and models of weapons and equipment are frequently mentioned throughout the book, which often fleshed out the narrative, but sometimes became tedious. Is this a perfect book? The major problem with the book and specifically with the Mogadishu account was the poor writing.


Howard E. Wasdin

Dogor Give this book a chance hear this mans story, take if for what it is. Badly injured, he returns home, where he has to put the pieces of his life together without the structure of the military — the marriage he neglected, the daughter who eventually wasddin with her mother, the howad who clings to him, the injuries that cause him pain and the search for a role outside the SEALs. In adulthood he came to terms with the brutal life he experienced. Howard E Wasdin Wasdin fought in Mogadishu.

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