When an object is correctly guessed, the player takes a new card and continues. Click Image to Purchase. This sounds like a fun game! Headbanz Rules That is why it is one of my favorites. It was a fun game.

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Earn 3 scoring badges to win! The Hedbanz categories are simple animal, food or object , allowing everyone, even young children to join in on the family fun! Racing against the timer, each round moves quickly, ramping up your energy and challenging your wit! Coming up with questions that will lead to answers, kids will also practice their critical thinking skills! Download the FREE app. SHARE with family and friends! In this classic rapid-action family guessing game, players are given three scoring badges, and each draw a card to stick on their headbands without looking.

Guess correctly and stick a scoring badge onto your headband, then pick a new card and continue asking questions! Guess incorrectly and lose your turn. The first player to earn three scoring badges wins! Hedbanz is fun for kids, parents and grandparents and is perfect for family game night! Through play, kids will develop deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills in a fun and thrilling way.

Can you handle the excitement of this wacky family guessing game? Get your family GameSquad together and play Hedbanz to find out! Report incorrect product info. Show more.


Hedbanz Electronic

Be the first player to get rid of all your chips! Setup Place the cards face down in the center of the playing area. Make sure the Hedbanz logo is above your eyebrows and centered on your forehead. Deal one card face down to each player. Without looking at the picture side of the card, players insert their card into the clip of their headband so all the other players can see the picture.


Headbanz Rules


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