Posted in interesting websites and facts After finding out about who the children of Ysrayl were in , I remember one of the first few books I read was called Hebrewisms of West Africa. Williams, S. I watched this YouTube video a while back, then I watched it again around November An elder in the video pointed out that just about all the names in Africa are Hebrew names. He said virtually every place in Africa has a Hebrew name inferring not just West Africa. So I thought, let me try to write down what he is saying before this video disappears.

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Coming back to it for some research I am doing, I am downgrading it to a 4 because I am noticing things I didnt notice before.

I was very young when I read it the first time. Joseph J Williams compiles many years of research that gives extensive details into the tribal customs of the people of West Africa. What I love and have always loved is the evidence it provides on the Hebrew customs and traditions practiced by many African Tribal Nations.

What I dont like I initially rated this book a 5. Williams also makes some false claims himself as he tries to make the connection between the Hebrew customs of the bible and African people.

Examples: Circumcision, the division of the tribes into twelve, blood sprinkling on their altars and doorposts, separation and purification after childbirth, menstrual uncleanliness, etc. While I still hope people will take a chance on it I do understand now why some are hesitant. Not everything here is false and can be validated historically and biblically. It just signals to me the importance of us reading and fact checking for ourselves. The book is fill to the brim with shaky assumptions, None if any are the authors.

He sites ,what feels like a thousand, other writers opinions in an all but comical attempt to prove his idea of this magical "hebrewism" of west Africa.

First, I would like to point out that a people when enslaved are forced to adapt the religion and culture of their captors. It is foolish to assume that the Israelite traditions survived unscaved from Egyptian influence.

Second, it would be foolish, if not racist to believe Egyptian culture is of anything but african origin. In the 4th chapter the author even hints of the ibibio people being a source of spiritual influence of the Egyptians. It is my belief that the Akan people come from such a source and are not the product of magical wandering Hebrews. The author then in the center of the book deviates entirely from the main theme.

To give a weak look at the potential of magical wandering Hebrews. The one story that seems any ways believable of the blood of Judah crossing into Africa is in turn shoot down whole heartily. The Solomonic line of kings story is debunked as a falsehood.


Hebrewisms of Africa

The letter from the Ashanti Queen Mother to the Queen of England concerning the Seventh Day Shabbat being the day of the Creator is one of the more enlightening events in the book. Write an online review and share your thoughts with other readers. Kenyatta When I decided to read Joseph J. I have long held the notion the bulk of the true Israelites did in fact head to the east, west, and north and south of the African Continent. Williams book has confirmed my assertion. They realized that Africa which included Egypt and parts of the so-called Middle East was peopled by the Black African and those Africans were the progenitors every race, culture, religion, political and social system, were masters in chemistry, all science, medicine, philosophy virtually everything man has thought of and produced since time began. Hebrewism in West Africa is a must for any serious library — but it should be carefully evaluated based upon the Authors pro-white stance and read along side of the books written by the preeminent African scholars Chiek Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, Jose Malcioln, Dr.



Hebrewisms of West Africa. About the Book This book is a goldmine of information that uncovers Hebrewisms in African rituals and history all over Africa. It is also connected with some very recent research by antoher Amazon. These rituals are very close to those in the Old Testament. The content in Dr. It is an amazing breakthrough in research.

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