He is the one who is in charge of all Mankind in this Universe. He is also in charge of all the world of Jinns and Angels, as the Sultan of Mankind is also in charge of all the Jinn and of all Malaika Angels. This Maqam station of Sultan ul Auliya is a Maqam related to the hearts. Not even a thought can be comprehended of the Greatness of this Maqam. This Maqam in this time is related to Moulana Sheik Nazim.

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We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides then there is none who can misguide him, and whomsoever Allah misguides then there is none who can guide him. Over the years many deviant movements have arisen in the Muslim world bent on corrupting the teachings of Islaam and thereby mislead the Muslims.

One of the most dangerous of the contemporary movements is the group known as the Naqshbandi Tariqat. Like most deviant groups, they claim that the Muslim masses are ignorant and are therefore in need of a Sheikh leader who is supposed to possess the secret knowledge of the unseen. They also claim that all religious texts have an obvious outer meaning known to the masses and a hidden meaning known only to the Sheikh, and that the masses are unable to contact Allah on their own and hence are in need of an intermediary Sheikh who will get them close to Allah if given unquestionable and unconditional obedience.

The greatest danger of this group lies in the fact that they, while wearing the cloak of Islam, are striving to destroy it from within, in a vain attempt to extinguish the light of Islam and divert the Muslims from the reality of the religion. In all firmness to this group we have given the names of the books, along with the page number from where we have taken these quotes. We pray that this article serves to remove the confusion and ignorance that the people are suffering from regarding this important issue and that it will save all those sincere seekers of truth from falling in to Shirk.

In fact the Mystic al-Hallaaj was publicly executed as an apostate for daring to openly claim divinity in his infamous pronouncement "Anal-Haqq"- I am the Truth. And it is! For it to be called the house of the Lord, the Lord of the house must be in it. Are they equal when compared? Will you not then take heed? In fact they are all equal to him.

Even until he reaches in front of Allah Almighty will Mowlana be with him, when Allah Almighty questions this person Mowlana shall answer all questions instead of him. Say it is what Allah alone wills. On page 23 of the book "Quthub us Sailan" which is written by the local head of the group, it reads "One morning in the newspapers, I read that the wakf board had taken over the Dewatagaha Mosque seeking the chief trustee at the time, chairman of the welfare committee and chief trustee, M.

Shaukat came to my place a couple of days later to find out what he could do in that matter as chief trustee, I told him that if it was the will of Allah and the saint, well nothing could be done on his part. I cannot help you at all against Allah. On page 30 of the book Haqiqat ul Haqqani, in the 3rd paragraph, it reads - "Sheikh will not allow any of his mureeds to enter hell, Sheikh Nazim will make all the followers to enter into this paradise. There is nothing for either the Angel of death or for the Angels of the grave to do with the mureeds of Sheikh Nazim.

Questions by these mureeds regarding day to day life, or questions relating to religion and also many other subjects have been answered by Mowlana Sheikh Nazim. When this type of communication has been granted to a mureed, he no longer needs to resort to books to further his knowledge.

What it simply means is as has been explained by the Scholars of Hadith is that, when Allah becomes his sense of hearing means the servant will only hear Halaal speech and will keep away from hearing forbidden speech. And regarding sight, then it means he will only see that which is permissible to see and keep away from seeing that which is Haraam and in the case of the hands then it means he will only touch and use his hands in that which is Halaal and will refrain from touching and doing Haraam with it.

For example, they may be transported in a moment to London some are known to have visited Mecca, Medina, London and Baghdad in moments by the power and the grace of Sheikh Nazim.

In the foregoing article, the reader would have noticed that every thing of the pure Islamic Belief mentioned has been contradicted by this deviant group. The external deceptive claim of the Naqshbandi group, under the guise of Islaam should not be a means of confusion to anybody, as to the reality of its deviant nature.

History is a witness to the well-known slogan, "If you cannot beat them, then join them" - this is exactly what the group is doing. Its aim is to destroy Islam from within, wearing the cloak of Islam. Whatever has been said in this booklet is not to be taken lightly, since this is a matter that could take a person completely outside of the fold of Islam into Kufr disbelief. It should be kept in mind that the above statements are being made for conveying knowledge only and not to make a declaration of Kufr disbelief of any people.

Articles exposing the group should be written and distributed. Many Muslims have passively sat by for a long time, believing that the group would soon fizzle out and disappear. Instead, its cancerous growth has continued unabated and unchecked. As for those who in spite of what they have read, continue to have misgivings about exposing the group due to their desire to maintain an image of unity with respect to Islam, then let them reflect on the following incident, "When some people mentioned to Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimahullaah that they felt uneasy about criticizing people who had deviated in their beliefs , he replied - "If I were to remain silent, how then would the masses know truth from falsehood?

In fact, when Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimahullaah was asked if one who fasted, prayed and secluded himself in the Masjid was dearer to him than one who spoke out against people involved in deviations, he replied, "when one fasts, prays and secludes oneself, he does so for himself alone; but if he speaks out against deviations, he does so for Muslims in general, which is more noble. After having read this article, if you believe it is your duty and responsibility to Allah, to warn your brothers and sisters, then please do not be a silent spectator, spread the truth to the best of your ability.

Perhaps you may, by the Will of Allah, save a soul or two from the deviant clutches of the group. Finally, we ask Allah to give all of us the towfeeq to recognize the truth, to understand it, to implement it and to call to it.



The deviant claim of attaining the rank which the Prophets could not is a major deception of the Naqshbandiya as any Muslim with even the basic knowledge of Islaam will confirm. So do not exert any will apart from His will, for anything else is your own desire, and that hqiqat the Vale of Folly, where death and destruction await you, and falling from His sight and becoming secluded from Him. Early Ul-haqqnai Eschatology Theological. Again the above belief is one of Shirk association in the aspect of the Lordship of Allah, as has been explained before.



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