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Chulilla ve raramente la lluvia, puede suceder, pero pocas veces cada temporada, que dura desde principios de octubre hasta finales de abril. Sorprendentemente el barranco tiene un microclima, manteniendo unas condiciones perfectas para una rica diversidad de flora.

En el Turia habitan bagres y truchas. Con una longitud aproximada de 4 km y paredes de hasta m de altura. El Charco Azul es un remanso de agua que bien juega el papel de piscina natural en verano y que ofrece un entorno maravilloso.

The town is an important tourist attraction, with many travelling from all over Spain to take in the view of the gorge and enjoy the hospitality of this medieval village. Its topographic profile is mountainous with many gullies and ravines, this makes the area one of the most spectacular in the Iberian mountains.

The river Turia flows from the highlands down through the village accompanied with a warm climate. Sometimes windy but rarely cold, Chulilla rarely sees rain. It can happen but on average perhaps only twice each season, which lasts from the beginning of October to the end of April. Most of the time the weather is sunny, beautiful and warm.

Sometimes too warm to climb in the sun but then there is always an option to head around the corner to north facing walls in Oasis. Despite the lack of rain, Chulilla is rich in greenery, as the river Turia with its many streams and sources keeps the veg- etation green and gives the local farmers much needed water for irrigation.

As you walk down the canyon and its meadows, you will witness orange trees, mandarins and kakis. The canyon has an amazingly rich diversity of plants but once you rise above the canyon, you will witness the typical dry rocky landscape of bushes and small pine trees, with an abundance of opuntia cactus or Prickly Pears.

The flora and fauna of the area are typically Mediterranean, comprising of Aleppo pine, Carob trees, olive and almond trees and various shrubbery. There are many species of hawks, grouse, pheasants, wild rabbits, hares, foxes, badgers, stouts, weasels and even wild boar. The river also contains many species of freshwater fish like trout and catfish. Turia Canyon is the backdrop to the municipality of Chulilla, with a length of 4km and cliffs up to m high.

South of the village is the gorge of Falfiguera el Barranco de Falfiguera. The remote location has preserved them down to these days and the long hike is worthwhile.

The Charco Azul is like heaven, maybe even better. A beautiful and natural blue water pool, it is amazing for swimming in the summer time and sits in a wonderful setting. Close to the village, you can take many different paths and interact with nature before enjoying your swim.

There are also two other bathing areas close to Chulilla that stand out for their originality. Valladejo is located in the Rio Sot and offers the opportunity to swim in the deep waters of the canyon.

Las Toscas meanwhile, allows you to enjoy a calm bath below the natural water cascades. The crystal-clear waters of the river Turia rise in Muela de San Juan, in the Aragonese province of Teruel, before passing through Chulilla on their way to the Mediterranean. First tumbling and then meandering, the Turia flows through fields and caves, gullies and canyons, and, as it wends its way through Chulilla, it gently waters the orchards and gardens before reawakening and plunging into the local ravines.

Todos ellos han apostado por la calidad y profesionalidad tanto en la cocina como en el servicio. Ajo arriero. Los ingredientes son patata, bacalao y aceite. La Olla de berzas. Elaborado con alubias, acelgas y patata, con el toque especial de la hierbabuena. Tampoco podemos olvidar los congretes, el mantecado y las tortas de almendra. Similar to the rest of the region but with ingredients that make it completely unique. La Olla de berzas The pot of cabbage : Made with beans, chard and potatoes, with a touch of mint.

Ajoarriero garlic of muleteer : The ingredients are potato, cod, olive oil and garlic. Do not forget to try the Los Congretes pastas de anis , El mantecado shortbread , Las tortas de almendra almond cakes and las torticas de almendra almond pastry. All accompanied by good local wines like el Vino Rancio and La Mistela Congretes Local pastries can be bought in the town bakery, just down from the plaza.

Situadas en el Barranco de Falfiguera, fueron descubiertas a finales de Durante la guerra civil fue utilizada como cementerio. En ella permanece la patrona del municipio. Los actos de las fiestas tienen lugar durante toda la semana. Las calles del pueblo se engalanan con Fiesta en la Plaza Culture and heritage The municipality of Chulilla has a medieval framework with narrow, irregular and steep streets, spontaneous growth and quiet squares, creating an interesting impression for the visitor.

Chulilla also has a strong heritage and cultural value, highlighting the beauty of this town in the mountains. Chulilla also has cave paintings belonging to the Mesolithic period BC. Located in the Barranco de Falfiguera, they were first discovered in late The figures represented are zoomorphic and anthropomorphic in character, presented in varying groups and postures. The significance of the findings is such that the scene has no parallel to those found elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

The medieval castle, sitting high above the village, was declared a Historic Artistic Fiesta en la Plaza Culture and heritage Monument in The town sits below in a natural amphitheatre. The Church of Our Lady of the Angels was built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The baroque church was built on the mosque of the old town and during the civil war, it was used as a cemetery. Inside, there are many works of high value, including a polychrome wood carving of the Virgin and Child s. The Chapel of Santa Barbara is located one kilometre from the village. It is a Gothic building originally built in , first renovated in and again recently.

She remains the patron saint of the town. Also in Chulilla, the Hermitage of San Josepe can be found, a seventeenth century building dedicated to the blessing of the animals. It is the only country chapel preserved in the town, as many were destroyed to find space for other uses.

Each year three major festivals are held in Chulilla. Young people, accompanied by the village, carry flowers. Probably the most traditional and rooted party of Chulilla, and one of the most important in the region of the Serranos, it is a pilgrimage on horseback through the village whilst singing Los Mayos. El Pollo, a human tower, takes place on Sunday with a purpose of reaching a ham sandwich suspended above the square.

The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything. During August, the Festival of Santa Barbara is celebrated, the patron saint. It starts with one of the most significant events for chulillanos, a procession of the patron from the chapel to the village. During the week, the festival of the Virgin of Los Angeles, head of the parish and also San Isidro Labrador are celebrated.

The village streets are decorated with crosses, the result of the work, effort and enthusiasm of the villagers, giving a distinct and unique Chulilla feel. The crosses are made with any type of material, creating true works of art. During the week, the Trinity of the Holy Christ of Forgiveness is celebrated, accompanied by dances and other activities.


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