For those of you not familiar with this peculiar race, we wanted to take a brief look back at these multifaceted beings. Originally, Nirvana was a plane of balance and absolute order. Why Modrons? At Gen Con , Greg Bilsland led a monster design seminar, walking the audience through the creation of a monster by using an old-school monster as a template.

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On a regular schedule, the Great Modron March spills out of Mechanus, and the lawful automatons files their way around the Great Ring. The Great Modron March anthology features 11 adventures for characters ranging from 1st to 10th level, as well as new information about the modrons of Mechanus.

Each adventure can be played separely or linked together to form an extended campaign. On their unswerving path, the clockwork creatures will destroy celestial towns, be attacked by evil knights intent on using modron parts in foul experiments, and lead characters onto the deadly plains of the Abyss and into the famous prime-material labyrinth of Undermountain. Product History The Great Modron March , by Monte Cook and Colin McComb, is a series of adventures that give the heroes a tour of the Great Wheel, acompanying the clockwork automata from the plane of Mechanus around the multiverse on an unscheduled tour.

Good thing, too. A True Story. The adventure was full of clever fights, intriguing villains, and exotic planar locations; just the sort of thing I loved. And so I planned for my campaign to focus on modrons for the next year or so. With the PCs already in Sigil, it was no trouble to set up the beginning of The Great Modron March; on cue, the modrons poured forth from the gate-town of Automata to begin their oddly unscheduled circuit of the Great Wheel, trampling anything in their wake. The heroes watched with awe.

Modrons are kind of jerks. And back to Sigil they went. With them went my modron-related dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Not at all. And when the modrons finally finished their march, and the PCs asked why they had been marching in the first place? Wherein Your Historian Learns a Lesson. The adventure does address this, but perhaps not in as much detail as I would have liked. Varying, Epic Tone. The tone of each adventure varies somewhat.

I think these adventures work best when layered into an ongoing campaign, with side adventures and other exploits between them to help match pacing and tone. Note that there are moments of dark horror in the adventure, as well as opportunities for exceptionally fun roleplaying. This is a slightly uneven, magnificently rich, really fun adventure that delivers a substantial amount of creativity and valuable play for the money.

About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Great Modron March

A Grand Cycle was the time it took for the largest gear in the plane to turn once and was subdivided into seventeen cycles, each of which took seventeen years. Thus, the March occurred every years. The vast majority were monodrones , but the voyage also included modrons of higher rank, including hierarchs. A quinton usually led the entire effort and kept all the records of the voyage. As a consequence of the modron promotion system, a quinton was always present until the very end, as long as at least one modron survived the voyage. A hexton was in charge of defense, while a septon was tasked with ensuring that the march progressed smoothly.


The Great Modron March

Naturally, Modrons are associated with Lawful Neutral, though as was common for the edition, the precise method by which they exhibit this bumps them pretty firmly into Lawful Stupid territory. The Modron mindset can be likened to that of a computer. And not a fancy AI, either; your basic cheap "garbage in, garbage out" 80s-esque piece of junk. Modrons have no real individual personalities, no capacity to understand anything besides basic logic, and driven by an insatiable need to try and bring order from chaos, sense from nonsense. Even if it only makes sense to themselves. All that is right happens because it must inescapably be, and all that which is wrong must not be.



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