History[ edit ] "Eyes Wide Open" saw Gotye explore new musical territory, with the main bass line from the song recorded on a fence: "I was out there with my old band called The Basics—and Winton is home to this phenomenal thing called the Winton Musical Fence, which is a large fence made out of metal strings stretched between posts and you can pluck it and play it with all sorts of different materials - it makes these amazing bass sounds so I sampled some bits there in 08 and they made it into the first single I put out off the new record called Eyes Wide Open. The single received generally positive reviews and reached 25 in the Triple J Hottest of He claimed, "The mirror reflects on artwork and it is all very related to self-reflection and introspection on the album. Later that day, the song was aired for the first time on Triple J with the official stamp of approval from Gotye. As of Friday 4 November, the single has received five times platinum sales and the 1 position on the Australian iTunes Store , making it one of the highest-selling singles of

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Or how he constructed a bassline by sampling the Winton Musical Fence, an unlikely instrument he discovered in the outback of Queensland, Australia, comprised of five large metal strings attached to wooden fence posts and a resonant chamber. He may mention the horn break from a traditional Taiwanese folk song he discovered on a s Cathay Pacific promotional record, which he sampled, sped up and dubbed out, before introducing it to some Turkish drum sounds.

Or the unique, virtual versions of acoustic instruments -- among them a chromaharp and an mbira -- he created by painstakingly multisampling every note. This is pop at its most precise, but also electronic music at its most emotional.

The record delves into dub, Detroit-era Motown soul, stadium-size politipop, synth-folk and world music on glorious, sprawling, huge-hearted songs. Radio station Triple J named it their album of the year, as did iTunes on its release in Europe in It was recently voted the 11th greatest Australian album of all time.

Making Mirrors, its extraordinary follow-up, was more than two and a half years in the making. There, he had the space to permanently set up his growing array of instruments and recording equipment, and found the isolation that allowed for sonic experimentation and recording at any time of the day.

After Like Drawing Blood, which was constructed almost entirely from samples of old vinyl, Gotye set about making an album using more physical and acoustic instruments. It ended up sounding more like an unusual hammer dulcimer when played on a midi keyboard or programmed with software" Meanwhile, Gotye continued to raid local second-hand shops for obscure vinyl to sample. I pitched some grabs of these around, really messing with the overtones of the samples, and it became a gentle, beautiful loop, while still being quite odd sonically.

On "Eyes Wide Open," the first song recorded for Making Mirrors, he played live drums for the first time on a Gotye record. There is also live piano and bass guitar, plus some strange field recordings. I played the fence strings one windy night in the outback and recorded it on a portable stereo. I mean, I love this organ! Yet those who experienced them when they were at the vanguard of technological achievement, sometimes still hold onto that glorious vision of the future they provided.

I thought it was cool that such a wall of sound could be dominated by a physically quite small instrument like a tambourine. So I arrived home, played a tambourine backbeat at a similar tempo and put an impossibly big plate reverb on it. Within three weeks of its striking, stop-frame, body-painting video being posted on YouTube, the song had received more than two million hits and made it to No. For the first time, he will be playing Gotye music completely live.

There will be no backing tracks used. All visuals will be triggered live too. It could go wrong on every song.


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Making Mirrors



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