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Tulrajas The bias of internal sides of shelves has to be Titan The metal Titan. The scheme of trade from existence: Ni42, Invar 42 Ni42 wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Silver and alloys of silver Silver alloy Silver Solder silver. Molding materials and mixtures. R6M5 the gsot wire wire Strip, sheet. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.

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Akigor CuAl9Mn2 rod, wire, tube Sheet, strip foil. Besides we have a possibility of production of production according to your drawings. Steels and alloys for castings The non-alloy casting steel Steel for castings with special properties Steel casting alloy Alloy for castings with special properties. Obligatory —89 is not filled. PT-1M Rod barwire. Bronze sheet Bronze plate. Non-ferrous alloys Non-ferrous metals Aluminium Tin Lead. Stainless and alloy steel Powders of non-ferrous metals Powders of non-ferrous metals Vanadium powder Tungsten powder Cobalt powder Molybdenum powder Nickel powder Tantalum powder.

Titanium sheet Titanium plate Titanium coil. Not more than 0. Your question has been sent successfully. Beam dvutavrovy in accordance with GOST with a of internal sides of shelves. The message must not be more than symbols. By visiting this site, you accept the use of cookies. CuAl10Fe4Ni4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. Obligatory field is not filled. The field is wrongly filled. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of the p.

I agree to receive offers from other companies. Stainless rod Stainless rod. Thermocouple copel wire CuNi40 Copel sheet, strip. Tantalum tube, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil. Rare earth and refractory metals Refractory metals and alloys. Monel pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip foil Flange, valve, fitting. We work and we deliver our metal across all territory of Russia and the CIS.

Pipes of metal and tubular products Tubes of non-ferrous metals and alloys Steel cylinders Pipes of ferrous metals and alloys, cast fittings to them Steel pipes and fittings to them. Expansion joints, valves Compensator Metal hose Mesh. Alloy 50NHS Sheet, strip, foil. Strong and stable with the manufacturing plants are established. Carrying out ultrasonic control UZK 7. Beam dvutavrovy 16B1 3ps5 St3ps5 GOST 12 of m — the element of the bearing design which is used in construction, representing the metal profile in a form reminding a letter N.

Piles groovy of Larsen. Titanium grade 2 pipe Wire, rod barhex bar Sheet platestrip. Your phone number in international format, please. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Steels and alloys for welding Steel for welding Alloy for welding.

Dvutavrovy beams are applied on many construction objects, have the big durability and wear resistance if conform to the standard. Most 10 Related.



Rolling bearings. Our niche specialty is the localization of national regulatory databases involving: technical norms, standards, and regulations; government laws, codes, and resolutions; as well as RF agency codes, requirements, and Instructions. We maintain a database of over , normative documents in English and other languages for the following 12 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. We accept all major credit cards and bank wire transfers.


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GOST 8239-89. Hot-rolled steel flange beams. Rolling products


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