TIP: Registering your Colorado at makes you eligible for a free, day trial premium membership at www. Page 18 pplIcatIonS To access a downloaded geocache: 1. For a complete geocache description, full-screen compass, full-screen map, or to log your attempt select Options. Page Compass Page Compass Page During active navigation, the Compass page guides you to your destination with a graphic compass display using a pointer. Pointer Compass Page Data fields show information such as current speed, distance to the next point on the route, and estimated arrival time.

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Use alkaline, NiMH, or lithium batteries. To install the batteries: 1. Lift the latch and remove the battery cover. Battery cover 2. Insert the batteries, observing polarity. Replace the battery cover and push the latch down. While the Oregon is on, press and quickly release the 2. Touch to adjust the brightness levels. Touch access additional applications. Main Menu Creating Waypoints Waypoints are locations you record and store in the Oregon that you might want to return to later, or to share with other users.

To navigate to a point using To? Page 12 To find a POI by spelling the name: 1. Touch 3. Touch characters to spell at least a portion of the name of your destination. Touch 5. Touch the item to which you want to navigate.

Page Stop Navigating To navigate to a destination near a waypoint or a recent find: 1. On the Main Menu, touch To?. A Recent Find Waypoint. Touch the location you want to search near. Touch a category. Items are listed in order of distance from the location you selected.

Page Applications Applications Satellite Page The Satellite page shows your current location, the GPS accuracy, your current elevation, satellite locations, and satellite signal strength.

To open the Satellite page, touch at the bottom of the Main Menu. Page 15 To review detailed information about a point on the map: 1. Pan to the location you want to review, if necessary, and then touch 2. Touch the information button at the top of the screen for additional information. To show or hide data fields: 1. Page Compass Page Compass Page The Compass page guides you to your destination by displaying a compass and a bearing pointer.

It also provides navigation data such as current speed, distance to the next point on the route, and estimated arrival time. The electronic compass Oregon , t, c, and i is similar to a magnetic compass when you are stationary or walking.

Page Calibrating The Compass direction, turn toward that direction until the arrow is pointing toward the top of the compass. Direction you are currently traveling Scale Bearing to destination Course deviation indicator Course line to destination Course Pointer The course pointer provides an indication of drift right or left according to the scale shown at the edge of the compass ring.

Page Trip Computer To calibrate the electronic compass: 1. From the Compass page, touch and hold the middle of the compass for about 2 seconds. Touch Start and follow the on-screen directions. Page 3d View 2. Touch Default, Automotive, or Geocaching. Other Oregon models require DEM digital elevation model data that can be found in some Garmin topographic cartography.


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Garmin Colorado 400t Manuals


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