The story follows the progress and growth of Ford Motor Company through the perspective of a number of generations of a single family. The Ford factory began with very skilled workers. Through a process of breaking the skilled job down into simple steps, they were able to hire lower wage, less skilled individuals to do the work. The Flivver King explains how the Ford Company used scientific management to replace skilled workers while successfully increasing production.

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The Flivver King is not only a work of fiction, but it is a window into a period of American history of industrialization and early globalization in certain respects. Thus, one must not simply read this boom as if it was a simple critical work by Sinclair, but also as a work of historical fiction.

Dec 24, Steve rated it liked it I learned a lot about Henry Ford in this readable historical fiction by Sinclair. Happy to find an old copy in our public library--possibly a first edition, published by Upton Sinclair himself. Oct 02, Max de Freitas rated it it was amazing "The only thing he could think of was to have Congress vote huge sums to his friends and beneficiaries, the great banks and corporations which had put up his campaign funds.

The theory was that this money would seep down to consumers and promote trade. The theory was "trickle-down economics".

It was revived by Ronald Reagan and remains the sacred cornerstone of Republican economic policy. It has never worked. In theory, it could work in a supply-constrained economy if profits were not enough of an incentive to promote industrial production. When the economy is demand constrained, as it was during the Great Depression and the recent Great Recession, it is very destructive. It takes money from the poor who spend everything and gives it to the rich who spend very little.

The net effect is to reduce overall consumer spending and further depress the economy. The perverse effect is a massive loss of national wealth that penalizes primarily the very upper classes that Republicans sought to enrich.


The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-America

Please Sign Up to get full document. Rather, he introduces Passage as a good natured and even agreeable person whose riches ethically undermines him. Below and behind the seat was this new and eccentric sort of motor. For a long time the designer had it up on his work-seat, where he could tinker at it and include new parts. It had two chambers, made out of gas funnel, more than two creeps in distance across. Every chamber had a cylinder, intently fitted, and a gadget by which a drop of oil was let inside and detonated by an electric sparkle. At the point when the motor was turned over, it made a racket like what was known as a gattling-firearm; it gave out a dim smoke of unsavory smell, which made the creator open the entryway of the outbuilding in a rush.


The Flivver King




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