Dom Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula, one of the rarest complications of acute cholecystitis, has been reported in fewer than 25 cases over the past 50 years. Cases of cholecystocutaneous fistulas are now a rare occurrence as a result of rapid diagnosis and treatment. Usefulness of endoscopy for diagnosing Mirizzi syndrome Mirizzi syndrome with an unusual aberrant hepatic duct fistula: Major bile duct injuries after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Edmundowicz, MD, Sreeni S. We present a case of cholecystocutaneous fistula developing after the removal of a percutaneous drain for the treatment of acute cholecystit.

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La Habana, Cuba. ABSTRACT Mirizzi syndrome is a rare and chronic inflammation, caused by a calculus stuck to the Hartmann bag, with partial or complete obstruction of the main bile duct. It is a lengthened complication of lithiasic biliary disease and effects a difficult preoperative diagnosis and a therapeutic complex treatment.

To perform an updating about the of subject and to present the "state of art" diagnosis and treatment for this entity. Additional papers were identified by manual search for references of relevant articles. A detailed updating on the diagnosis and treatment of this entity was presented, taking into account the experience of the author and the findings from the review. High suspicion index is required for an accurate preoperative and intraoperative surgical diagnoses leading to an optimal approach to treat this condition.

Key words: Mirizzi syndrome; cholecystectomy; biliary enteric bypass; Roux-Y hepaticojejunostomy. Mc Sherry y cols. En raras ocasiones se puede extraer el lito causal Fig. En centros especializados y con la experiencia adecuada, el uso del ultrasonido intraoperatorio permite alcanzar el mismo objetivo. Tipo II. Se reportan algunos resultados con la coledocoplastia usando remanente vesicular o ligamento redondo. Tipo III. Tipo IV.

Tipo V. El autor no declara conflictos de intereses. Kehr H. Die in neiner klinik geubte technik de gallenstein operationen, mit einen hinweis auf die indikationen und die dauerersolge. Munchen Germany : JF Lehman; Beltran MA. Mirizzi syndrome and gallstone ileus: an unusual presentation of gallstone disease.

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Síndrome de Mirizzi


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