Overview and Installation This module provides a simple to use python interface developed specifically for the Rigol DSE. The chief feature of this module is that it wraps the oscilloscope interface in a class, automatically identifies the oscilloscope upon instantiation, and simplifies calls made by PyUSBTMC to methods of that class. This module is based on PyUSB, and so in turn on libusb. Because of this foundation, this utility may be used on both Linux and Windows platforms with relative ease. On linux, the standard current branch of the libusb project may be used e.

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While there are quite a few brands that can assure you that desired quality, few have done so as Rigol. Their legacy of incredible scopes speaks for itself. Criticism is often rare, and their effective customer service pretty much assures a good experience. However, they have a long line up of excellent units. So, take a seat and read carefully! Why Rigol? This company, founded in , set one goal in mind, make research cheap and accessible to the masses. Of course, research is a very delicate task, and electrical engineering tools need exceptional quality.

This fact is even a general consensus among experts and beginners alike. Each of its features is perfect for a new user. However, we wanted our first entry to cater to those who want to start out; those who are not very aware of how one of these scopes work.

The system has gorgeous buttons, each of which feels wonderous to touch. Some buttons are wonderfully color-coded. Each channel has a unique color so you can identify them quickly whenever you need to.

And each function is just a button away, so it saves time from searching for the right setting. The unit has a 4-channel capacity, all of which are on the face of the device and easy to access and input. With four channels, you can gather signals from multiple sources simultaneously. This makes data comparison much easier and faster. However, the main speed stems from its incredible sample rate. As such, the waveforms become dense with information; your analysis becomes more enriched; since you have more data to work off of.

In addition to this, it has a 24 Mpt memory. This makes your analysis much more accurate. This includes automated measurements, math functions, and software to use on your PC.

So, if this Rigol DSZ review speaks to you, then you should consider it. Of course, it backs up that power with a plethora of supplementary features that lets this unit shine. To start off, we have to mention some of its incredible hardware. As such, you can test a plethora of different sources, from lightbulbs to generators.

As such, you get very detailed waveforms. For more accuracy and better analysis, the device utilizes an impressive 1 million deep point memory. This lets the device have a much longer record length than usual, granting you more data to work with at the end of the day. The display also conveys the information well. This Rigol model gives you everything you need for a solid analysis.

We should also take some time to mention its many trigger modes. Whether you want edge, pattern, slop, or video, it has them all. It has the ever crucial built-in FFT function included in its math features. PROS A variety of trigger options Powerful bandwidth and sample rate High memory helps conduct analysis Waveform intensity is adjustable.


RIGOL DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channel, 100MHz

Chinese electronics products tested 65 tests Chinese electronics products are very cheap. So cheap that you may wonder if there is quality delivered for such a low price. In this blog this is investigated. Chinese products are bought through the well-known internet mail order companies and tested by an experienced electronics engineer in his own lab. Although each article contains one sponsor ad, there is no commercial influence. The sellers do not know that their products are tested and described on this blog. In this article an overview of what you can expect from this oscilloscope.


RIGOL DS1102E 2 Kanal Oszilloskop 100mhz 1gsa/s

This was one of the first and still the best rigid oscilloscope to provide high scale digital signal processing. Some of its distinct features include a high memory depth of MHz. All these features and many more comes with this powerful Rigol scope at a budgeted price. The front panel of the Rigol scope has easy to access buttons.

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