Shaktirn The mapTo method will return a new Future that contains the result if the cast was successful, or a ClassCastException if not. A common use case for this comosable combining the replies of several Actor s into a single calculation without resorting to calling Await. The futures implementation provided by Akka 1. As mentioned above, default async methods are always executed on ForkJoinPool.

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The futures implementation provided by Akka 1. Mike Slinn is a principal at Micronautics Research Corp- orationa contract software development firm that focuses on cutting-edge enterprise software technology. Composable Futures with Akka 2. What are composable wkth About Contents Change history No longer available.

The book provides complete reference information about the classes and methods for working with Akka futures. Multicore concurrency requires multi-threaded programming, but that is hard to do properly.

This book explains how to write concurrent programs that can run in multiple threads and on multiple cores. Mike has consulted on many legal cases and witth project failure analysis, and has researched and testified in cases involving intellectual property issues such as patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation.

Akka futures is integrated with Akka actors for distributed computing. The Promises chapter in the book includes a case study that shows how easy it is to integrate Akka futures into existing code. A chapter is futkres to java. Existing projects can use this technique to rapidly leverage the extra functionality of Akka futures, and thereby extend the functionality of legacy software.

The code is provided as a git repository, which you can update any time. If you know Java and are learning Scala, comparing the akkx programs will be instructive. Further information for programming in each language is provided, usually with code snippets. Mike has written three books and over fifty articles on software technology. Java programmers do not require prior experience with Scala; Scala programmers do not need to know Java. Akka futures integrate easily with existing software projects.

Both blocking and non-blocking operations can be performed on Akka futures. Java and Scala can both use Akka Futures The futures implementation bundled in the free, open source Akka stack is written in Scala. For example, transformations and operations on collections of futures are supported, along futuress numerous asynchronous callbacks. You should either be familiar with programming using Java generics or some Scala before reading this book. The Akka and Twitter implementations are much more advanced.

He is often engaged to turn around projects and can provide interim technical leadership for companies in transition. Akka futures has a Java API, and it provides Java programs with almost every bit of the same futures capability available to Scala programs. Each method of the Akka futures implementation is covered in detail; first introduced with short explanation, then followed by the Java signature and the Scala signature. Composable Futures with Akka Composable futures mean that operations on a future or a collection of futures can be chained together without blocking; for example, transformations such as map can be applied to a composable future.

Actors are generally preferred for coordinated or stateful activities. Dozens of complete working code examples are provided with the book, at least one per method in each language. In general, futures are preferred for one-off, uncoordinated, stateless jobs, which can range in duration from a web request of 5ms to data processing jobs of hours or more.

Mike futjres a hands-on architect who enjoys programming and mentoring. The futures implementation bundled in the free, open source Akka stack is written in Scala. Other implementations of futures are limited. Akka futures are being subsumed into Scala 2.

He has been recognized as a software expert in US federal court. You can also use the SBT console to try code snippets interactively. Related Articles.


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