Things are running dangerously close to falling apart. Compiled by Martin Chilton. The Star Wars is a go project. Carrie Fisher in pictures. What was the spark that made you think this was a story you wanted to tell? No one in his circle of family or friends knows what to make of his adventure acting as a giant eban carpet in outer space.

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There is no specific mention of Newman directing, but his involvement should help move the project along regardless. George Lucas gave an early approval to Fanboys, enough to lend the movie the official Star Wars sound effects. The project can only benefit from having pre-approved folks like Newman and Mayhew in its corner.

Hit the jump for more on Mayhew. Mayhew features the story of how he was cast on his official site : Peter Mayhew, an English hospital worker who inadvertently found himself catapulted into films, was the towering gentle giant responsible for bringing Chewbacca to life.

The son of a policeman, he spent a short time in the field of engineering before discovering that he felt more fulfilled by hospital service. The bodybuilder opted for the part of the sinister Darth Vader, leaving Lucas free to seek out Mayhew for the role of the Wookiee. The decision to cast Mayhew as Chewbacca proved wise. The giant actor threw himself into the role with great determination.

Shortly before filming began on Star Wars, Mayhew visited a zoo where he studied the movement of bears, monkeys, gorillas and other animals with traits reminiscent of a Wookiee. On set, he was known to growl, grunt and shriek. One potential difficulty: it will be tough to find a 7-footer that will fit in the Wookie suit and can carry a film when he steps out of it.

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It was a satire written by two guys who like Star Wars. Well it turns out they did interview him……… in a Star Wars Comic-Con line! They were able to ask him five questions. Hey, you gotta do your research somehow.



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