Prints just the script, without footnotes or Title Page. Scene List Adds a list of scene headings numbered in chronological order, along with their corresponding page position. Characters Adds a list of characters with associated dialogue in order of appearance, along with number of dialogue lines they have, and in which scene they first appear. Script with Color Revisions If your script is in Revision Mode , this option adds color-coded indicators for all revised script content. Current Revisions Only If you have used Revision Mode, this option selects only those pages affected by your most recent revisions. Lines between Scenes You can insert additional lines between scenes and a page break after each scene.

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Once imported, Celtx generates a suite of tools — centred around your script — to help develop your story and plan your production. How to Import a Script into an Existing Script If you would like to add a local script to an existing script within a project, open that existing script.

This will append the import script to the bottom of the existing script. Prior to importing, deselect Automatic Character Tagging in the Breakdown menu. Import Assistant You may review your newly imported script using the Import Assistant. The Import Assistant allows you to see, at-a-glance, the Characters and Scene Headers identified by the script importer.

Depending on the source script, some elements may have been misidentified; the Assistant allows you to change the Element Type of these instances before they populate production documents like the Catalog and the Stripboard. In this example, "Help! By deselecting it from the list, it will not be sent to this Projects "Catalog", while each other Character will have their own Catalog Asset created once the import process is complete.

Keep Things Simple Because all word processors behave differently from one another, removing extra elements that can be easily reinserted after importing will save you time and ensure a smoother import.

Avoid Special Characters and Formatting from other Programs While our importer handles many languages and common ASCII characters without a hitch, some popular word processors inject unseen data into their text. After importing a. If anything appears out of the ordinary, or you are presented with a simplified printing dialog, consider uploading a PDF version of the same file. When copying and pasting from an outside source, hold down SHIFT while pasting to remove formatting which may come in conflict with your script.

Looking to prevent Automatic Tagging of Characters? You can manually tag characters via the Breakdown mode once you are ready. As such, you may notice some variations after importing. Most often, this is not an issue. However, you can adjust line spacing and page size in Script Settings.

Preview Print Version In rare instances, some formatting anomalies may not be apparent within your Script Editor. If you have imported from an older. Follow our "Before Importing" guidelines above. Your script will then be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file. Your Adobe Story script will then be uploaded and turned into a new Celtx project with all corresponding planning documents.

Open the script file and take a look. If you notice any issues with the script formatting, simply highlight the problem areas and use the tab key to cycle the text to the desired format.

Additional Support If, after following the Best Practice guidelines above, you are still not quite happy with your import results, please submit a support request below. A Customer Success Representative will take a closer look.

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Printing & Downloading PDFs

The only way you can get your script out of Celtx is as a pdf. But there is a workaround, which I will share with you here. Celtx to Final Draft This way is a bit more tricky, but still possible relatively easy. And it is absolutely FREE and without any additional software that you not already own.


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Import a Script


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