Another 5 star book. This book was a full blown Alisa Soto book, and I absolutely loved it. This book is the origin story of Alisa in effect. This book is so rich in emotion.

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Another 5 star book. This book was a full blown Alisa Soto book, and I absolutely loved it. This book is the origin story of Alisa in effect. This book is so rich in emotion. So rich in character exploration, romance, discovery. First born females we find out later. We have talks of ghosts in the journal.

Then the book begins with Alisa deciding to pursue her uncle Sam Curtis. She emails him. Receiving a reply from Charlie, she tells Mary K. We have mermaid dreams, and we have Sam email her back with his contact info.

During a circle Alisa causes the pipes and everything to spew water. Alisa tells Morgan she is telekinetic. Alisa sense Morgan and Hunter cast their senses at her for the first time. Later at home Alisa gets angry with Hillary for packing her things up. She yells hurtful things, and runs away at night.

Morgan gives her 12 more, puts a watch sigil on her, and drops Alisa off at the bus stop. Alisa arrives in Boston 3am. Eventually she makes it to New York Sunday morning.

In Gloucester Massachusetts, the cab driver refuses to charge Alisa. Sam had cast a spell which made the storm that killed sailors. This is what caused Sarah Curtis, among other things, like her telekinesis, to strip her own powers and run away. Sarah also almost killed Sam during an argument in which a table and charges slammed into him telekinetically by accident and sent him down the stairs.

He could have died! Sarah died in when Alisa was just 4 years old. Alisa meets Evelyn, Ruth, Brigid. A branch almost hits Sam, but Alisa warns him. Brigid could have been killed! Charlie saved her I forget the details. Brigid assumes Alisa has no power. Awkward comments abound. Brigid leaves, and Alisa stays with Charlie. She spills and tells him of her powers, and hunters house flood. Charlie tells her about how he made himself naked at 13 with a spell by accident. She tells him of the Tath Meanma Brach with Hunter et al.

Evelyn has been ignoring Alisa. Ruth gets injured and an arm broken. Evelyn blames Alisa. Alisa calls Morgan, then Charlie calls Alisa. Brigid shows up and Charlie has to explain things, but he does so after Alisa leaves.

She deflects some dishes remarkably!! Tells Sam she has powers. He is surprised. They scry, she sees a box of purple. In Salem, she tells Sam she ran away, and all about the dark wave Hunter suggests first born females are telekinetic. It explains everything. It means Evelyn is also. This explains the ghost. Alisa saves Charlie himself from fire by instinctively powerfully telekinetically hurling a cauldron of water.

They do a Tath Meanma, and Evelyn learns the truth. She now has a respect for Alisa, realizing everything. Sorcha in the chapter journals is Sarah.

Oona cast a hex on the family the commit suicide. The purple cloth she scryed was her mothers tools calling to her. Evelyn gives them to her. Alisa draws her first circle. Charlie it turns out, broke up with Brigid. A happy memory of her mother, when Alisa was 3. Alisa calls hunter. Calls Charlie. The story wraps up happily with Alisa having Hunter come get her he insists. Alisa who has been so lonely, so very single, and wishing to find a boy to share her life with, has finally found one it seems.

The writing has been taken to new, higher levels. The journals are actually typed into these Ebooks now, rather than image files. It makes for much quicker reading. I probably shaved off half hour just because of that. In reading this book, all I want to do now is learn more about Alisa.

The series is more about Alisa. What will happen. The book is so much stronger in character development than previous ones, book 12 excluded as it was amazing also. Alisa feels so real. Her thoughts and feelings and experiences, they all come alive in print. The romance is even written far better than in the other books. This book has clearly benefited from a maturing practiced authorial hand. The scene with Hillary was incredibly dramatic.

The argument. The running away. Perfectly written. Kids do this. Kids run away. Kids freak out and say hurtful things and run away. This book is so full of expressive expansive moments like this, I just loved it. My eyes watered in response to what Alisa was going through. I felt so bad for her. Another watering moment was when Evelyn did tath meanma. When they linked minds and Evelyn finally accepted Alisa, it was happy watery eye moment all the way.

The library scene where she kisses Charlie is so perfect. So real. So sudden. So passionate. So unexpected, yet so welcome. She seems a bit of a dolt. But dolty and a tad snobby about her magick. Read it!! While i was very disappointed that Morgan, who the entire series seemed about, was not in this I quite enjoyed the character development of Alisa Soto.

In a way it harkens back to the beginning of the series with Alisa, like Morgan, discovering she is a Blood witch. I know, or suspect why the author did this, as I have read the series before, but it still comes as a big shock to switch character focuses after so many books being about just Morgan, then to have the later ones about Alisa.


Cate Tiernan

Beschreibung bei Amazon Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young adult paranormal and fantasy novels. Tiernan was born in New Orleans, one of the most exotic and rich cultures in the American South that had a profound influence on her life and later writing. While children in other American cities sold lemonade on their front yards, Tiernan and her fellow New Orleans kids made wax dolls of their enemies and sold voodoo dolls. Despite the constant humidity and humidity she found the city beautiful, particularly its acceptance of colorful and eccentric behavior and the air of indolence. She attended college in New York moved back home to New Orleans then back to New York, where she had got a job in publishing. She found life in Manhattan incredible even though she earned very little money. There were so many interesting people to interact with and watch and so much to see and do, though after a while the frenetic energy started wearing her down.



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