Shakalmaran Key option Connector kit Used to copy the settings and the operating parameters between devices, between the key and the device, and vice-versa. In terms of energy saving, the janual rack has a wide range of operation, as the installed power is very significant: The use of E2V proportional electronic expansion valves in the refrigeration utilities at the point of sale exploits the maximum advantages of the energy saving functions in the compressor rack controller. Each manufacturer adapts their products to requirements in terms of performance and costs, and consequently the CAREL retail sistema has been designed to be flexible and customised. The control software in six languages, compatible with the different sizes of hardware, satisfies both the most common control requirements as well as the more advanced applications. Three levels of access to display and program the parameters: Clearly visible icons represent the unit operating status and any faults.

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The main difference between these 2 platforms is the processing speed. The PCO3 is twice as fast and is more powerful! You can replace the PCO2 with the corresponding PCO3 model, however, with regards to the software this may not be a straight forward "Copy-Paste" replacement procedure through a smart key because of the processing speed of the microprocessor. There are a couple of ways to go about this software issue: 1 The first is: If you hold the software files from the manufacturer of the unit, then we could install in the controller an "emulation" bios that would fake the processing speed of the PCO3 to the one of a PCO2 controller.

But remember, you need the Application or software files from the Manufacturer for this operation. In this case the upgrade to the new controller is much easier, as you can replace the controller for the new one and use the same software but with of the latest version. If these are not used, simply do not connect the corresponding terminal. Compatibility has been maintained for the functions developed in the past.

From the EasyTools software point of view, on the other hand, a number of checks are required in those applications where the same software works on different platforms.

The various cases are shown below. On the pCO3, on the other hand, these analogue outputs have the same response speed as the first 4 analogue outputs.


pCO3 (scheda I/O)



pCO sistema


EC24 102K PDF

Electronic controllers


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