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Sale Recording Operations Recording Operations 1. This indicator lights at a level -6 dB lower than where sound distortion occurs. Turn Off Pitch Correction! Initialize the card p. Insert Effect Parameter Functions Algorithm List The algorithms the brxd effects and their connection order that can be used as an insert effect are shown below.

Insert Effect Parameter Functions Pitch Shifter This effect changes the pitch of the original sound up or down within a range of two octaves.

Put the cassette tape recorder in record mode. Naturally, booss will also What is an event? This features an amp sound that uses a preamp and speaker simulator. This function is quite useful during editing. With Windows Loading Drum Sounds from fig. Bsos whichever mode is suitable in the course of bringing your song to completion. Touch wah creates an automatic wah by changing the filter in response to the volume of the input.

Before you insert or remove a memory card, always turn off the BRCD first. You can preview the sound of Erasing Data track Erase 5.

Only what you are currently playing is recorded to the new track. Used According to the Mode The sound Wah The wah effect creates a unique tone brfd changing the frequency response characteristics of a filter.

You directions are not very simple to say the least. Using the Rhythm Selecting patterns This selects the pattern brc0d be played with the Rhythm. Panel Descriptions Rear Panel fig. Patch Name Algorithm No. Lo Ratio This sets the ratio of suppression of the lower-range output when the input level exceeds the Lo threshold level. Section 1 Recording and Playback.

Fixing the Pitch of Vocals Pitch Correction 6. Perform the Song Optimize operation p. BRCD and a computer. Press this button to confirm a selection or a value being entered. Wait until this indicator stops flashing and turns off before proceeding. Rhythm section Here you can make settings for the Rhythm function. The Pattern Copy screen appears. The position in the song where [REPEAT] is pressed first becomes repeat start point Aand the position where it is pressed a second time becomes repeat end point B.

Listening to a Demo Song In addition to the procedures given above, you can also change your current position in the song using the procedures given below. If the noise is objectionable, make adjustments while the sound is not playing. Follow the procedure below to change where insert effects are connected. Displaying The Song Information Displaying the Song Information Displaying the Remaining Available Recording Time Follow the procedure below to either display the elapsed recording time in the recording standby and recording screens.

Before using this unit, carefully read the sections entitled:. Connecting Peripheral Devices Make connections as shown in the diagram below. Input the drum sounds. With Macintosh Loading Drum Sounds from 4. When the output of the BRCD is connected directly to a mixer, etc. Copying A Complete Track all fig. Related Posts.


Boss BR-900CD Owner's Manual





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