Mazuzuru Directorio de escuelas en el estado ciclo escolar Iodine-deficient soils are common in mountainous areas SGI was emxico by the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy CONEVAL that, according to the Mexican law, represents the authority and has the responsibility to establish these guidelines and criteria for the definition, identification, and measurement of poverty Moreover, Mexico is considered a nutrition transition country with serious problems of overweight and obesity and a reduction of infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies 8. Get a printable copy PDF file of the complete article 1. Eur J Clin Nutr. However, we did not find a significant association for the altitude on UIC, which is in accordance to the results obtained by Aghini-Lombardi and cols. Endemic goiter in Venezuela studied with I Finally, high rates of congenital hypothyroidism were used as a third criterion of selection. These UIC levels are lower than in some Latin American countries, and this may be because in the USA and Switzerland, the addition of iodine to salt for direct human consumption or for food industry is not mandatory.

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It can be concluded that: a Iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency in Mexico. Rural areas in the southern and south-eastern regions are more drastically affected studies. This deficiency occurs even though iron intake in most studies is higher than recommended. These studies were carried out about 30 years ago, so the potential existence of iodine deficiency in these and other regions requires further study.

The magnitude of this deficiency, and the existence of other mineral deficiencies and their consequences for the health and function of the Mexican population, require further investigation. Key words: vitamins, deficiency; minerals, deficiency; review; Mexico Solicitud de sobretiros: Dr. Jorge L. En varios estudios se ha tratado de identificar algunas de las consecuencias de la deficiencia de hierro sobre la salud.

Hb, hematocrito, etc. Algunas observaciones recientes muestran la existencia, en algunos grupos, de deficiencia de zinc. Antioxidant defense systems: The role of carotenoids, tocopherols, and thiols. Premalignant lesions: role of antioxidant vitamins and betacarotene in risk reduction and prevention of malignant transformation. Block G. Epidemilogic evidence regarding vitamin C and cancer.

Micronutrient deficiency-The global situation. Brown KH. The importance of dietary quality versus quantity for weanlings in less developes countries: A framework for discussion. Food Nutr Bull ; Bioavailability of energy, nitrogen, fat, zinc, iron and calcium from rural and urban Mexican diets.

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