Based on this, scholarly opinion had formerly attributed the grammar to a separate author of the same name from the 7th century CE. The leading Sanskrit scholar Ingalls submitted that "I see no reason why he should not have written poems as well as grammar and metaphysics", like Dharmakirti , Shankaracharya , and many others. This distinction may be thought to be similar to that of the present notion of phoneme. Further, words are understood only in the context of the sentence whose meaning as a whole is known. His argument for this was based on language acquisition , e. Unless the child knew the sentence meaning a priori, it would be difficult for him to infer the meaning of novel words.

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Listen carefully to what I am saying. There are so many clouds in the sky but all of them are not of the same character. Some of them drench the earth with precious rain. Some others do nothing but thundering. They do not yield a drop of water. Therefore do not beg for water before every cloud you seen in the sky.

Here clouds are the kings. And the chataka birds are those who want to make a living by serving the king. Here is advice to such persons that they should not approach all and sundry. Only a few kings are generous, others only boast of themselves but are stingy. Is a serpent adorned with a jewel naaga maanikya less frightening? If one is a backbiter what is the need for evil deeds? If one has Truth what is the need for tapas? If one is pure of mind what is the need for teertha holy rivers, lakes, sea etc.

If one is of good conduct what is the need for friends? If one has fame what is the use of ornaments? If one has right learning why does he need wealth? If one is infamous why does he need death? The first quality is adequate without the second. If the person serving is silent he is considered dumb. If he is a good orator he is dubbed a chatterbox or a babbler. If he stays near he is termed impudent. If he stays away he is called a fool. If he forgives he is timid.

If he cannot endure he does not come from a good family. The duties of a servant are such that even yogis may find difficult to approach.


भर्तृहरि नीतिशतकम् - मूर्खपद्धति | Bhartrihari Neeti Shatakam - Murkhpaddhati-Shlok 1,2,3





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