I still get this question on a monthly basis. AutoCAD has a really good system in built in it. You just have to use it properly. The reason I like this command a lot is because if you work on a project and you think you might need to publish the files on a regular basis during the life of the project, this is the best for the least! Publish Process Now before you get started I need to explain a few things. The "Publish To" setting at the top left of the dialog box can be used, but I prefer to use a different method.

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Even more gruesome, would be to have different pencil widths and other options for each of the drawings. If you ever fell into this, you will know the pain it feels to manually plot a large number of drawings. Fortunately enough, there is an option in AutoCAD to batch plot of your drawing at once. With this, a widely known Visual Basic program, included in the full install of AutoCAD , going by the name of EBatchP, is another quick and easy way to get such jobs done. One more thing to note is that this tutorial is developed according to AutoCAD Quite literally.

Once the printing job shows success, in the bottom right corner as shown below, you can check your plotter for all the prints.

Moreover, printing to PDF is not the default setting. The default is set to Plotter named in page setup. This will almost always result in an unsuccessful job, unless you have named a plotter in the page setup. Side note: Looking at the image below, we see how the command prompt reads Publish. This is because batch plotting is a sub function of the publish feature.


How to publish multiple drawings to PDF in AutoCAD and verticals



AutoCAD Tutorial: AutoCAD Batch Plot


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