Aux in adapter cable mini ISO radio for Blaupun Here are two quick and audiovo ways to find eligible items: Tablets 7 — 7. Anbringen der Konsole 1. Der Ton wird stumm geschaltet. Therefore, for us, it is especially important that you are satisfied with your goods.

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Page Installation NOTE: When replacing a fuse, be sure to use correct type and amperage to avoid damaging the radio. Make sure the unit is mounted within this limitation. Attach one end of the perforated support strap supplied to the screw stud on the rear of the chassis using the hex nut provided.

Page Anti-theft Feature Important! The default user password is 6 digits. Page Controls And Indicators Press to silence the receiver. Press again to resume previous volume level. BT Mode: Answer Bluetooth call. Page 15 NOTE: Your remote control may differ slightly from the one pictured here. The above diagram is for illustrative purpo The extension ratio is the same at any point.

Page Operating Instructions Monitor Movement Mechanism If an obstruction occurs in the monitor path, the following protective measurements can be executed to prevent dama- ge to the mechanism or monitor: After the protective procedure is executed, normal operation is resumed by pressing the OPEN button 1 or disconnec- ting and reconnecting the power.

For example, a video game console can be seen on the front screen while DVD video is available to rear passengers. Page Setup Menu If you have a rear touch screen installed, you can touch the screen to control most rear zone functions. You can also use the remote control. The features availa- ble for adjustment under the highlighted sub-menu option will appear in the center of the screen. Adjusting a Feature 1. Page 27 Rating Sub-menu Features The DVD system has a built-in parental lock feature to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing restricted disc con- tent.

By default, the rating system is set at the highest setting with no restrictions. The parental lock is released only by entering the correct password. When the reverse driving stops, the moni- tor return to its original input mode. After entering calibra- tion mode, a crosshair appears in a corner quadrant of the screen. Current radio band indicator 2. Clock 4. Stereo broadcasting indicator 5.

Strong Local signal broadcasting indicator 6. Preset radio stations: Touch to recall preset stations 7. RDS Information: 8.

Select a band if needed 2. Touch an on-screen button P1- P6 to select the corresponding stored station. Manual Storing of a Station 1. Rear video screens, if applicable, will operate normally. Current track and total number of tracks on disc 2. Current track title 4.

Available track titles 5.


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Автомагнитола Audiovox VME 9112


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