Applications Designed for Commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing applications. With its powerful audio digital signal processing, the UAPG2 can easily be used in a demanding environment for high audio quality. Impressive library of signal processing tools The UAPG2 is a comprehensive system which integrates pre-amplifier, compressor-limiter and equalizer, as well as matrix and delay functions into one unit. Installers can select the audio processing feature s that they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs from a library on their PC, using software provided with the UAPG2.

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Stackable up-to 12 units inputs can be selected in blocks of four 0 in - 16 out, 4 in - 12 out, etc. Inputs are mic or line level, with phantom power selectable individually. Moreover, the system is programmable via a single ethernet cable, but using a static IP address the G2 also can be diagnosed and controlled from any computer connected to the internet. Imagine the possibilities, diagnose system issues from your office prior to going out on a costly service call.

All standard DSP components are at your disposal - mixers, auto-mixers, compressors, limiters, parametric and graphic equalizers, delays of up to ms, feedback suppressors, crossovers, filters, and much more. All in one of easiest-to-use software packages on the market today. Your end user can now control the system from any computer in the building, or on the campus. Most notable are the 8 assignable variable controls on the front panel.

Each may be assigned to any DSP function in your design, and each is fully scalable. Or, use your own 10k pots and program up to 6 field remote controls per box of your own design. For paging applications, we offer the PPM programmable paging microphone for total control of paging systems.

Each microphone on the network also stores up to 5 minutes of messages for full "stacking paging" useful in airports and other high intensity paging applications. With its powerful audio digital signal processing, the UAPg2 can easily be used in a demanding environment requiring high audio quality.


UAPg2 (Universal Audio Processor generation 2)



Ateis UAPG2 G2 Full Instruction Manual


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