For easy reference, all the volumes available in English of Astrologia Gallica are aggregated together on this page with an excerpt from my review of the book, if applicable, and a link to the full review of each volume. Morin also known as Morinus in Latin was a 17th century French astrologer, mathematician, and doctor. He was a Royal Professor of Mathematics in Paris, and perfected a system for calculating longitude, a challenging problem for mathematicians, geographers, and sailors of his time. Morin was the royal astrologer to the French House of Bourbon. Morin wrote Astrologia Gallica over about 30 years, and it was published only after his death. Astrologia Gallica comprises 26 volumes, and almost one million words, to give you an idea of its scope.

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It was written as a defense of Astrology at a time during the early to mid-seventeenth century when modern science was separating itself from the ideas and values of antiquity and the middle ages, when modern science was actively divorcing itself from philosophy. Morin feet were firmly planted in the past and as a consequence his whole world view came into direct and continual conflict with many of the great luminaries of early modern science such as Descartes, Gassendi, and Kepler although Kepler himself was a practicing astrologer.

This is indeed a most fortuitous situation as one of the most meaningful approaches to this perennial tradition has been made available by a reformer that for the most part remains unknown to almost everyone who has a serious interest in the topic.

To quote Holden, "Many reasons can be cited. First, few people today speak Latin and the material that is available in English is not easy to obtain. As the poet William Drummond of Hawthornden said, "He who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave". We must think for ourselves Its study necessitates an unbiased and disciplined frame of mind. Titles available in English The book that has the greatest immediate value for the practitioner in Astrology is the twenty-first book published under the title, The Morinus System of Horoscope Interpretation , which deals with horoscope synthesis.

In addition, of especial interest for the advanced practitioner is the twenty-second , twenty-third , and twenty-fourth books, the latter three dealing respectively with the subject of forecasting, that is Primary Directions, Solar and Lunar Returns, and Transits.


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Astrologia Gallica


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