Vudozuru To prevent loss of the fiel, use a lanyard to tie it down. When an authentication system is in force, the transmission lifting silence is to be authenticated. If a PW is wounded and cannot be evacuated through normal channels, turn him over to an aidman to be evacu- ated through medical channels. Most infantry radios are FM frequency modulated and will not com- municate with AM amplitude modulated radios.

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There are lulls in combat when you will not be active. FM Chptr 3 Movement If natural cover is not available, use the dirt taken from the hole ou dig to build additional cover. There is a fire element and a move- ment element.

Violence in America is on its way and knowing how to effectively deal with it to protect your family, friends, and community makes a lot of sense. Never loosen or remove a tourniquet once it has been put on.

Look for and use every manuwl of cover the terrain offers. This is to see that nothing is overlooked, as a bullet usually makes a smaller wound where it enters than where it exits. If you find out or suspect that the enemy is using biological agents, report it to your leader. Clean your nails thoroughly and scrub the hairy parts of your body.

With your firing hand, grasp your weapon sling at the upper sling—swivel. Your skin may shine and be seen. Using authentication to make sure that the other communicating station is a friendly one. Just Google it and the entire thing come comes up in PDF. If alone, or if you cannot see your leader or the other team members, run out of the area in a direction away from the incoming fire.

It is created the instant a nuclear detonation occurs and is transmitted at the speed of light in all directions. The enemy may use the shadows of trees or buildings to hide himself and his equipment.

Remove the mine from the hole. Decontaminate optical instruments by blotting them with rags, wiping with lens cleaning solvent, and then lettmg them dry. Buy for others If DS2 is not available, wash ammunition in cool, soapy water, then dry it thoroughly.

When he fires, you should fire. Decontami- nate the eyes by flushing them repeatedly with plain water. They would be used in combat in the same way as chemical-warfare agents, and they may disable or kill without warning. Likewise, man-made camouflage may wear off or fade. If the weapon is to be fired from a two-man fighting position, make sure that the other soldier in the hole is not in the backblast area.

The accuracy of the meter method depends on how much ground is visible. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. If you stop at three, the distance is number at which you stop should be multi- about meters. Allow you to fire. Restricting the use of radio transmit- ters and monitoring radio receivers. Enter Your Email Address. Transmission will continue with the last word correctly transmitted.

Put logs 10 to 15 cm 4 to 6 in in diameter side by side across the support logs as the base for the overhead cover. Report any information gained from civilians. If you hear the firing of an aerial flare while you are moving, hit me ground behind cover if possible while the flare is rising and before it bursts and illuminates.

Dig the platform below ground level, like that for an M60 machine gun except deeper. The ground between the firing ports will then be additional frontal cover. Do not use squelch when signals are weak or in terrain unfavorable for good reception. For information on how to dress and band- age different wounds, see chapter 6, FM With your firing hand, grasp your weapon sling at the upper sling swivel. When the route to your next position is through an open area, rush by zigzagging.

If symptoms persist, use another in- jector. If foreign matter is present, turn the mine upsicie down and gently tap its bottom to dis- lodge the matter. The object will be more visible this way than when you look straight at it. A searcher must not get between a PW and the guard. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Also, clear the backblast area before firing the RCLR.

Cover also guards against the effects of friendly weapons supporting from the rear, such as small arms fire or discarding sabot tield fired from tanks. Those rarely have nutritional value and are often harmful. Interference may also come from other radio stations, bad weather, or enemy jamming. TOP 10 Related.


FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier








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