Stutzman, Gary A. Thiele — Google Books In addition, a new chapter Chapter 1 is devoted to an overview of antennas and their application with emphasis on motivating the student. Books on Antennas For Specific Applications. StutzmanGary A. Appendix F Mathematical Relations. Antenna Theory and Design This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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If you have chosen to adopt this textbook for use in your course, please accept this book as your complimentary desk copy. Outside of the United States, please contact your local sales representative. Stutzman, Gary A. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN hardback 1. Antennas Electronics I. Thiele, Gary A. S79 This three-decade span has seen major expansions of antenna application areas, mainly in wireless communications. Along with technology advances has come public awareness of the presence and importance of antennas.

Base station antennas are now visible in all urban and rural areas. Personal and fleet vehicles have many wireless features such as satellite navigation e. This third edition has 16 chapters, which is an increase of 4 chapters over the second edition, representing both introduction of new material and reorganization of previous topics.

The third edition has several new sections of material specifically addressing modern wireless applications for antennas. Chapter 11 on low-profile antennas and per- sonal communication antennas includes an expanded treatment of microstrip antennas and arrays, and new material on leaky wave antennas, fundamental limits on antenna size, antennas for compact devices, radio frequency identification RFID antennas, dielectric resonator antennas, near fields for large antennas, effects of the human body on antenna performance, and biohazards of RF exposure.

Chapter 12 on terminal and base station antennas has new material on satellite terminal antennas, base station antennas, vehicular antennas, smart antennas, and adaptive antennas. The book organization has changed slightly to reflect new emphasis on wireless applications.

The new Chapter 1 has a greatly expanded discussion of the history of wireless communications with emphasis on antennas. This provides a setting for the applications for antennas and a motivation for pursuing the fundamentals needed to design antennas for specific applications. Chapter 1 also includes a detailed overview of antenna parameters and antenna types. Chapter 4 on system aspects allows students to evaluate antennas as used in systems earlier in the book than in previous editions.

Chapter 4 includes an introduction to array antennas, and the detailed treatment of arrays is now in Chapter 8 and includes several practical aspects of antenna arrays such as feed networks and wideband phased arrays.

The number of problems at the end of the chapters has increased from in the second edition to in this third edition. Many of the new problems include simulation aspects to encourage the student to perform high-level quantitative investigations of antennas.

Problems involving open-ended projects have also been added. This book is a textbook and finds its widest use in the college classroom. Thus, the primary purpose is to emphasize the understanding of principles and the development of techniques for examining and designing antenna systems. The book is used by practicing engineers as well as students. This is because of the applied nature of the material and because it provides a coherent development of basic topics that are directly useable for analyzing practical antennas.

Handbooks with data on many antennas are available. Antenna Theory and Design covers antennas from three perspectives: antenna fundamentals, antenna techniques, and the design of popular antennas.

The first four chapters stress antenna fundamentals. It is assumed that the student has 1.


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Antenna theory and design



Antenna Theory and Design Stutzman & Thiele 3rd Ed.


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