ANSI Z UV The purpose of this test is to determine the regular parallel luminous transmittance of the safety glazing material or multiple glazed units before and after irradiation. This is to determine whether or not it is adversely affected by exposure to simulated sunlight over an extended period of time. For this test, panels are measured for light transmittance before and after UV radiation for hours.

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This standard specifies requirements for glazing materials for use in motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment. The purpose of this standard is to reduce injuries resulting from impact to glazing surfaces, to ensure a necessary degree of transparency in motor vehicle windows for driver visibility, and to minimize the possibility of occupants being thrown through the vehicle windows in collisions.

Bullet resistant shield means a shield or barrier that is installed completely inside a motor vehicle behind and separate from glazing materials that independently comply with the requirements of this standard.

Camper means a structure designed to be mounted in the cargo area of a truck , or attached to an incomplete vehicle with motive power, for the purpose of providing shelter for persons. Glass-plastic glazing material means a laminate of one or more layers of glass and one or more layers of plastic in which a plastic surface of the glazing faces inward when the glazing is installed in a vehicle. Pickup cover means a camper having a roof and sides but without a floor, designed to be mounted on and removable from the cargo area of a truck by the user.

Prime glazing manufacturer means a manufacturer that fabricates, laminates, or tempers glazing materials. Slide-in camper means a camper having a roof, floor, and sides, designed to be mounted on and removable from the cargo area of a truck by the user.

Glazing intended for aftermarket replacement is required to meet the requirements of this standard or the requirements of 49 CFR Note that the arrow indicating the portion of the material that complies with Test 2 is placed with its base adjacent to a horizontal line. Shade band areas for windshields shall comply with the requirements of either S5.

Certification and marking. The request must include the company name, address, and a statement from the manufacturer certifying its status as a prime glazing manufacturer as defined in S4. CFR Toolbox.


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Being a student and fan of research, I decided to investigate this issue. That seems straightforward. However, can the side windows be tinted darker than that directive? First the facts. Does that mean the aftermarket tinting of glass violates the law? There is a loophole.


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This permanent bug on your windshield is probably a bit different than what you have pictured. The bug provides pertinent information about the windshield, which can be helpful to both consumers and glass shops for looking up the windshield part number. Why is it There? Or if you recently had your glass replaced, you may want to confirm that the shop used quality glass. So what do all of these numbers and symbols mean? What Does it Mean? The company that made the part for Nissan is Vitro and it was manufactured in Mexico.


ANSI Z26.1

Reasons for rejection Mandatory and permitted equipment 1. A windscreen that is required to be made of laminated glass is not made of laminated glass. A vehicle or piece of glazing does not comply with a requirement relating to mandatory or permitted equipment set out in: VIRM: In-service certification, section , heavy vehicles. Compliance with approved standards 4. A piece of glazing that is required to comply with an approved glazing standard did not comply, or cannot be demonstrated to have complied, with at least one of the standards listed in Table at the time the vehicle was manufactured or the glazing was fitted. Condition, performance and modification 5. A piece of glazing does not comply with a requirement relating to condition, performance or modification set out in: VIRM: In-service certification, section , heavy vehicles.


Accredited Third-Party Certification Bodies


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