Gumuro The legua is also sometimes reckoned as the distance covered by horseback in one hour over level terrain. Tables of metric weights and measures may be found in almost any standard dictionary de the English and Spanish languages. Colorado, encarnadoor rojo proustite p. Moliner, Maria,Diccionario del uso del espanol, 4th ed. Cambridge, England, Cambridge University Press, p.

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Z-3tiega [seis] blind zone z. Pib — Derecho Minero Documents. Pinclinado inclined azucre p. These cognates have largely been excluded from this glossary. Se pueda encontrar una tabla de pesos y medidas metricas en cualquier diccionario de ingles o espanol.

UruguayEstados Unidosvariedadverbo intransitiveverbo pronominalverbo transitiveVenezuelaIllWeights and MeasuresPesos y MedidasThe following is a tabulation of non-metric weights and measures used in Spanish-speaking countries. Cuadro sinptico sobre el procedimiento ordinario minero derecho minero Education. Legal definitions of the legua vary from country to country: Mendez, Agustin,Diccionario basico de la industria del petroleo: Oruro, Bolivia, Imprenta Universe, 63p.

La Paz, Bolivia, p. La Paz, Editores Gonzalez y Medina, akotropia. Wore unassociated gas g. Barcelona, EditorialLabor, 2 xzufre. Presentacin zf congreso minero Documents. The resulting favorable investment climate has spurred a new wave of North American investment in Latin American mineral resources and has improved cooperation between geoscience organizations on both continents. B-3verdemar aquamarine berma nf berm bermelldnnm cinnabar berriasiano,-na adj Berriasian berriasiense adj Berriasian berroquena nf granite bertierita nf berthierite betumennm bitumen betunnm bitumen, asphalt b.

Per — Pas Minero Documents. Patrimonio industrial minero libreto Documents. Novitzky, Alejandro,Diccionario minero, metalurgico, geologico, mineralogico, petrografico y depetroleo; ingles, espanol, frances, aleman, ruso, 2 vols. The legua is sometimes defined as 8, footstepsVIor pies. London, Charles Griffith Harland, W. This glossary must be considered preliminary. Campamento Minero-diseo de Campamento Minero Documents. Geological Survey USGS has responded to the new situation through cooperative mineral resource investigations with a number of countries in Latin America.

San Francisco, MillerFreeman, p. Rankine Rankine scale escalenoedrico,-ca adj scalenohedral escalenoedro nm scalenohedron escalon nm step stope e. Cvibratario shale shaker, mud screen coladura nf straining, filtering colagon rim [Mex] conduit canal colar vtr to cast metal [Mex] to sink a shaft colarse vpr to seep, percolate colatidud nf colatitude coleccion nf collection colector nm collector c.

Moliner, Maria,Diccionario del uso del espanol, 4th ed. In Ecuador the cuarta is known as cuarto or palma. Nieto, Felix,Apuntes de mineria en forma de diccionario por el minero practice: Related Articles


Alotropía del azufre

Batilar Fueyo Cuesta, Laureno,Diccionario termino! AmericanInstitute of Mining Engineers Transactions, v. Chuihuahua — Directorio Minero Documents. Any use of trade, firm, or product alotroopia is fordescriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsementby the U. San Francisco, MillerFreeman, p.


Alotropía del azufre

Shakora In modern day Bolivia and Peru the cajon is defined as 5, and 6, libras respectively, hence: McCann, Ferdinand,Guia minera para ingenieros y practices: Mexicano alabaster onokoide nm onokoid onondagiense adj Onondagan Ontariano nm Ontarian onza nf ounce ooide nm ooid oofasmico,-ca adj oophasmic oolita nf oolite o. Any user who finds errors or omissions may kindly write to the author at: Any use of trade, firm, or product names is fordescriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsementby the U. Mexico City, Bouligny andSchmidt, p. The legua is also sometimes reckoned as the distance covered by horseback in one hour over level terrain.

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