Learn how and when to remove this template message Alhazred is a Cthulhu Mythos novel by American writer Donald Tyson. The book begins with a short narrative describing how Alhazred was tortured as a young man by the ruthless king of his home city, which is explained in gruesome detail. The tortures endured by Alhazred and his subsequent banishment from his home contribute to his violent attitude as an adult, which leads him to commit, among other acts, cannibalism , the murder of innocent children and assisting a cult of ghouls in their war against a rival clan. Throughout his travels, Alhazred learns to use his abilities lack of empathy , uncanny agility and the ability to communicate with the dead to survive, often in gratuitously self-serving ways.

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May 03, Althea Ann rated it really liked it Donald Tyson Alhazred: The Author of the Necronomicon Has any horror reader not heard tell of that tome of blackest occult knowledge, the Necronomicon? Invented by H. Lovecraft, and referred to in his Cthulhu mythos stories, the fictional grimoire has achieved a mythic status, even acquiring its own rabid fans, self-styled occultists who insist that the book, written, according to Lovecrafts tales, by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, must truly exist.

Indeed, two books entitled Necronomicon do Donald Tyson — Alhazred: The Author of the Necronomicon Has any horror reader not heard tell of that tome of blackest occult knowledge, the Necronomicon? Even during H. The list of writers who have written stories influenced by his work is long and contains names not insignificant to horror fans. Derleth, Robert E. More recently, contemporary horror and science fiction authors have also turned their pens to pay tribute to the master: Gene Wolfe, Ramsey Campbell, Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelazny: Poppy Z.

Or something more inexplicable? He visited the ruins of Babylon and the subterranean secrets of Memphis and spent ten years alone in the great southern desert of Arabia — the Roba el Khaliyeh or "Empty Space" of the ancients In his last years Alhazred dwelt in Damascus.

Grotesquely punished and mutilated, he is cast out and begins his life as a wanderer. He becomes, unwillingly, the tool of the mysterious Dark Chaos, Nyarlathotep, who repeatedly visits him in dreams. He encounters a djinn, who takes up residence in his body, and later acquires a partner in crime, a girl, Martala, from a family of grave-robbers.

Alhazred is a remarkably non-sympathetic character, completely amoral and without any feelings except those conducive to self-preservation and the gain of necromantic knowledge. Even though she has few ethical standards, Martala is still human, and acts as a foil to his character. Lovecraft purists may also object to the literary style of the book. Tyson is an accomplished writer — but his style is nothing like that of Lovecraft.

Lovecraft loved antiquarian words, and intentionally created a very 18th-century feel to his stories, using phrases and terms which were already out-of-fashion when he was writing. He also is frequently lauded for his ability to conjure an atmosphere of terror and fear without coming right out and telling the reader.

His horrors often happen off-screen, as it were. His writing is full of things that cannot be named, monsters which the mind cannot encompass, gods whose visages cannot be described… Tyson, on the other hand, can be compared more accurately to stylists such as Clive Barker. He has no problem coming right out and telling his readers every disgusting and gory detail — there are several scenes in the book which are not for the faint-of-stomach. Biographical note: Althea spent several of her formative years in Providence, Rhode Island, home of the master of horror H.

After school, she would often hang out in Swan Point Cemetery, site of his final resting place, where her friend did at one point in time encounter a giant and rather horrific slug with her bare foot - but the Elder Gods never made themselves manifest.


Alhazred: Author of the Necronomicon



Alhazred (novel)




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