Alesis Midiverb 4 Review - Record-Producer. Digital reverb is an effect that is used in just about every recording made. The quality of the digital audio processing is excellent with bit conversion and bit internal processing. CD, in comparison, uses a meager 16 bits.

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Goltisho With explosive sounds like drums and percus- sion or heavy pounding electric guitar that have very sharp attacks and quick decays, the trig- gering action occurs every time the signal hits the input of MIDIVERB II. When you turn on the unit the program assigned to MIDI patch 01 will auto- matically be activated. You can adjust the mix to your own taste after you have completed the remainder of an effect fuNoff fun on this setup procedure.

Alesis Midiverb 4 Review — Record-Producer. This is the tricky part but will be well worth the effort. This completes the program change. If you are using an instrument with a mono output guitar, mic, keyt pard. Because the envelope of such instalments is so short there will be no sus- tained signal present to be intemjpted by the trig- gering action at the onset of the next input signal.

For example, if you are connected to a mixer you will need to adjust the effects send s and receive s to the proper level, then set the master stereo output level of the mixer accordingly If you are connected to an instrument amplifier, you should adjust its volume control to the desired level. Midiverb II Program Guide. See the sec- tion titled The Programs for a complete listing of the banks and their programs.

By adjusting the mix control you can vary the amount of alessis flanging and panning to suit your needs. This resetting action momentarily intentipts the delayed signal during the reset and the thump- ing popping sound might appear.

The thumping sound is caused by volume fluctuations in the sustain portion of the sound that are causing the triggering action to reoccur. The quality of the digital audio processing is excellent with bit conversion and bit internal processing.

Simply assign the program of your choice to MIDI patch number If you can program your remote control you can work one of these. As soon as I got it kicroverb I noticed how simple it was.

Convenient defeat of the effects signal through front panel buttons or through MlDLThis wortcs independently of the rear panel defeat jack.

The lower right segment of the two digit LED display will blink for approximately 4 seconds, prompting you to enter a second numt er. You can mix the relative dry and effected signal with the individual input channels and the stereo effects receives on board the mixer: This will become the current program and will now be assignable to the MIDI patch number you just entered.

The speed and width of this panning effect is different for each program. The most impressive thing to me was the all of the different sounds and clarity.

Automatically a steep price came to mind. You can now change any of the 32 assignable patches by pressing any patch number 01 from a controlling MIDI instrument. Press another number through 9. You should find a combinatbn of level settings that will provide an amazingly noise free over- all sound. These levels will vary depending on the actual equipment used, but should fail somewhere in the shaded areas. The triggering is normal but the thumping sounds might be unde- sirable.

I give this product two thumbs up. But micrroverb become familiar with the full depth and richness of each program. TOP Related Posts.


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